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DIY Fence Repair

During repair, the following parts must be replaced:

  • spans that often sag;
  • shtaketiny also need to be replaced, they often rot;
  • wooden poles;
  • canopies or wicket.

If you decide to repair the fence yourself, and there is rotting on the spans on it, then you need to replace the whole span. The fence also needs to be replaced. It is necessary to assemble a new span on the ground, hammering the pillars through 15 cm with nails. Saturate with special compound and install to the pillars.

A lawn can be positioned near the fence, and light devices along it, they will illuminate your site at night.

Replacing the pillars is not so often, they perform the function of the holder of the entire fence. But the pillars may be subject to decay due to the fact that the buried part is not treated with a special compound. If you see that the post has squinted, then this means that it is time to change or repair it.

To repair it you need to dig and make it a foundation. To do this, install the pipe 28 cm in diameter and fill in a circle with concrete.After that, immerse the new pole of smaller diameter into the pipe and set it down with a sledgehammer. Such strengthening will be durable in use.


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