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Description of savannah cats

Savannah cat is a specially bred species obtained by crossing a domestic cat and a wild serval. Animals of this exotic breed are very different from other cats.

Description of savannah cats

To obtain this breed, wild serval are crossed with Siamese, Bengal, Oriental Shorthair cats and Egyptian mau. Therefore, the appearance of cats of this breed may be different, but the main characteristics are still the same.

Savannah cat
Savannah cats are large and beautiful pets
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Savannah is a large, tall cat. The length of her body can be up to 135 cm, and the height at the withers is up to 60 cm. With such significant length and height and weight, respectively, about 7 kg, but in some cases can reach 15 kg. However, such dimensions do not prevent the savanna from being flexible, graceful and fast.

The main characteristics of the breed:

  • elongated body and neck;
  • small head;
  • the lower part of the eye is almond-shaped, and the upper one looks like a boomerang;
  • yellow, green or copper eyes;
  • tear stains of black color go from the corners of the eyes to the whiskers;
  • high set, large ears with rounded tips;
  • high paws with long fingers, while the front legs are slightly shorter than the hind ones;
  • tail of medium length;
  • dense, smooth, short hair, completely covered with spots;
  • muscular, flexible body;
  • brown, chocolate, golden or silver color.

Formation of adult features of appearance in savanna occurs up to 3 years.

Cats of this breed are very rarely sick, especially if they are provided with good conditions - frequent walks, large room, friendly attitude.

Character cat breed savannah

Savannah cats, whose photos can be seen above, are intelligent and intelligent animals that can be trained well. These cats can be taught not only the simplest teams, but also such as "Aport!" And other "dog" commands.

Savannas are friendly and inquisitive, get along well with other animals, especially with dogs. But this is possible only if they were brought up together from the very beginning. The adult cat in relation to the puppy can show the hunting instinct. But they treat children favorably, love them and never show aggression towards the baby.

Savannah cats love water, and in order to entertain them, it is enough to fill a basin and throw a couple of bright objects there. The animal will come in indescribable delight!

These cats are very loyal to their owner, can go after him like a dog, and do not perceive strangers. They need a lot and often walk, bringing the animal on a leash.

Although savannas are quite expensive, but such a pet will delight you for a long time, because the representatives of this breed live an average of 15–20 years.


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