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Deer Toy

From old clothes you can sew a beautiful toy, which will be a good gift for the child or decoration for the holiday. I got a toy reindeer from an old brown fur coat, which I needed to make: reliable glue, filler (cotton), threads, needle, as well as a plastic bottle of soda water, rhinestones of blue and red colors, foil, scissors, needles for stamping, pencil and paper for drawing a sample. When starting work, I make a sample on paper. At first I wanted to make a toy with long legs and a small head, but during the work on sewing I corrected the drawbacks of the sample by increasing the size of the head. Initially, the paper sample looked like this:
 Toy Deer with my own hands
After that I took the cloth from an old fur coat and cut out of it the two parts of the trunk with the head, and then made the detail of the tail and the middle part. The detail of the middle part will have to pass from the neck of the toy to its hind legs (almost through the whole torso). Cutting out every detail, I leave at each of them along the edges parts of the allowance from 0.5 cm.In the photo below between the details of the body there is a detail of the tail and the very middle part:
 A toy Deer with my own hands
I sew the body parts along the edges in front, but I do not sew my back so that later it would be more convenient to turn the hand-made article from the wrong side. I sew on the middle part of the body from the front, and for the details of the legs I cut out the second pair of samples:
 A toy deer with your own hands
sew to crafts. After that, it will look like this:
 A toy deer with your own hands
To compose a" hoof "of crafts, I decided to make four round-shaped parts and sew them . I didn’t have enough fur to make up the details, so I had to use a simple fabric:
 A toy deer with his own hands
To make it more convenient I sewed horns, I left a section of the toy’s neck not sewn together. I sew round details to the “hooves” of my crafts: Next, I take foam rubber and cut 4 pieces out of it in pairs in order to fill them with the horns of the future toy. Foam can be used as a filler if the usual filler is not convenient to introduce into too narrow areas fabrics:  A toy Deer do it yourself
Cutting four parts from foam rubber and I put them on top of the samples of tissue on both sides and sew. In case the foam is not enough dense filler, the horns of the craft can be filled with cotton with tweezers:  Toy Deer with our own hands Now the resulting horns need to sew. I twist my craft out of the inside and sew horns to the back of her head, turning down the seam allowance, then sew up the neck. But it turned out that it was impossible to completely turn out the legs of the inside because they had fur inside and they were wider at the bottom, and so I decided to leave them short:
 Toy Deer with my own hands
After that I fill the toy with cotton wool and sew it.During the stitching, I prepare the part of the tail and the area to which this part will need to be sewn:
 Doodle with your own hands
Detail of the tail needs to be folded fourfold :
 Toy Deer do it yourself
After this, you need to sew a detail of the tail to the craft:
 A toy deer with your own hands
Now I cut four parts from a thin brown fabric into pairs for ear composition:
Toy Deer hands
Each of the pairs of parts I sweep along the edges: Next, I take the foil. For crafts, you can take a non-stained foil from under the candy:
 A toy deer with his own hands
From the foil we need to cut snow figures (circles) and stars, then take rhinestones and a plastic bottle. From the bottle we need to cut three thin transparent strips,to which we will later paste the blue rhinestones:
 A toy deer with your own hands
Transparent strips with rhinestones will decorate the neck of a toy. For them, you should calculate the length, mark the beginning and end for the areas where the rhinestones should be, and then apply the rhinestones on the strips:
 A toy of a Deer with his own hands
Next to the head of the crafts you need to glue the rhinestones of red color as eyes and sew the ears, and sew the resulting strips at the ends with the help of a stapler:
A toy Deer with his own hands
If to our almost ready toy to attach three transparent strips with rhinestones, it will look like this:
 Toy Deer with our own hands
 A toy of a Deer with your own hands
Now you just have to do the last two steps: glue the foil-cut figures of snow with asterisks and with make nose.

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