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Deceased Russian actors, the good memory of which lives in our hearts

Sergey Bodrov, Ilya Oleynikov, Alexander Demyanenko ... They smiled at us from television screens for many years and, although we were not personally acquainted with them, these actors became almost relatives. You watch videos with familiar people to the pain, and do not want to believe that they are no longer alive. The bright memory of those who made this world better and gave us smiles until death.

Sergei Bodrov (1971 - 2002)

At a young age, Sergei loved solitude and "perfectly managed himself." And he didn’t dream of a movie at all, but dreamed of being a scavenger and driving around the city in an orange car.

Forever young, Sergey Bodrov managed to play in many films. The most famous of them - "Brother" - the story of the plight of a guy named Daniel, who had just returned from the First Chechen War. The film is called cult, thanks in large part to Bodrov. "Brother" got the Grand Prix at the festival in Sochi and several international awards.For many TV viewers, Danila became an ideal and a hero. And the soundtrack for the film was the songs of “Nautilus Pompilius”, which Sergey himself liked.

Sergey Bodrov was a non-professional actor with hypnotic charm. Few know that Sergey knew several languages ​​and, having already become an actor and a TV presenter, he defended his thesis “Architecture in Venetian painting of the Renaissance”.

In 1991, he began studying art in Italy. There he got a job as a lifeguard at the beach and earned money on excursions around the country. Bodrov came to this work for another three summers in a row.

In late 2001, Sergei Bodrov began to play the game "The Last Hero." Sergey Bodrov himself said that, in his opinion, the topic of hunger on the island is very serious for the players. But the main thing here is to show how strong you are and whether you can save humanity in inhuman conditions.

Sergey Bodrov died with the film crew of the film “The Messenger” in the Karmadon Gorge under the rubble when a glacier collapsed. Within minutes, he covered the entire gorge with a 300-meter layer of stones and ice.

Rescue work lasted several months.Relatives of the deceased and volunteers tried to find the missing until February 2004. Sergey Bodrov died at the age of 30, he left a wife and two children.

Alexander Demyanenko (1937 - 1999)

Everyone knows perky Shurik from "Operation Y" and "Caucasian Captive". Many even now watch the New Year "Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession," where the actor played an adventurer.

During his life, Alexander Demyanenko performed many different roles, but he became a hostage to a single image - the image of an eccentric intellectual Shurik, thanks to which today he is remembered by the audience. But do not forget that Alexander Demyanenko gave us more than 100 roles in the movies, not only comedic, half of which are the main ones.

"Shurik" - this label stuck to Demyanenko tightly. Now it was impossible for the actor to go outside. He was recognized, clapped on the shoulder, immediately switched to "you", tried to correct the glasses, pulling by the ear. A man by nature modest and uncommunicative, Demyanenko hated and despised the unceremonious familiarity. But it was already impossible to stop this wave.

He was a very thin and vulnerable person, always treated people with gentility and without aggression, and sometimes even prepared a dinner for the crew.

In the late nineties, Alexander Demyanenko began to get sick often.During this period, he had a retinal detachment, which required a major operation. Anesthesia and other shocks were a serious blow to the aged actor. And in 1999, the actor was hospitalized, but he did not wait for the diagnostic operation scheduled for September 1.

Alexander Demyanenko died at 62 due to pulmonary edema, which was caused by coronary heart disease. To send the actor to the final journey came hundreds of people.

Ilya Oleynikov (1947 - 2012)

Ilya Klyaver (this is the real surname of Ilya Lvovich) was born in a poor family. Ilya's father (Lev Klyaver) worked as a saddler, performing various accessories for horses, and my mother was busy with household chores. As the artist himself recalls, in the post-war years their family lived very poorly.

Their house consisted of two rooms and a kitchen. In the house, except for parents and elder sister, there lived another uncle with his family, as well as grandmother and grandfather.

Everyone had to work, and Elijah worked all day in the garden, as well as doing other household tasks. Due to permanent employment, the future actor was educated at night school.

One day, Ilya's father started an affair with the wife of the police chief.This connection brought with it a huge number of shocks. The whole city knew about her. Upon learning of his wife’s infidelity, the police chief almost shot and killed Lev Klyavera. Ilya's father managed to escape. But death still did not pass by the house of Claviers. Perceiving numerous shocks, Ilya's mother soon became seriously ill and died. After the death of his lawful wife, the father of the actor went to Israel, and Illya remained in the care of his uncle, who almost did not care for him.

However, modest material conditions and not the most prosperous childhood did not become an obstacle to the career and personal growth of the future actor. They did not prevent the development of a wonderful sense of humor. Ilya Oleinikov even decorated his autobiography with the self-ironic title “Life as a Sand or Everything in Zhe.”

Ilya Oleinikov gained real fame after the release of the TV show “The Town”. The biggest friendship of the actor is connected with this series. With Yuri Stoyanov they were born in one month and one day, but with a difference of 10 years.

Ilya Oleynikov tells:

“... One fine day, while waiting for an unexpected arrival, promised by the director of a fool, I dragged the bag. There was vodka.At the same time out of the bushes majestically swam Stoyanov with exactly the same bag. The melodious ringing from its depths pleasantly stirred the imagination.

“Yura,” I said, “why these gifts?” Today is my birthday, therefore I sing you.

- How? - Stoyanov was amazed, - And I have a birthday today. That's why I took so much vodka.

Now we are both amazed. Without saying a word, we pulled out the passports. I gave him my, and he gave me his. Each of us has long and critically studied the passport of a friend. There was no doubt. We were born the same day and one month. True, with a difference of ten years. But this was already insignificant. "

Good humor "Town" loved by all. Yuri and Ilya were real friends and worked together to the last. The latest issues of the program, instead of Ilya Oleynikov, were voiced by the artist Gennady Bogachyov because of the fact that Ilya lost his voice.

In 2012, Ilya Oleinikov was diagnosed with lung cancer. The disease was aggravated by the weakness of the heart and the inveterate smoking of the actor. In the same year, Ilya Oleinikov died in the hospital at the age of 66 years.

Yuri Stoyanov's funeral could not speak a lot, and only offered "to hold a decent man around the court."The actor was accompanied on his last journey by applause for the song he wrote and performed himself.


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