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Dakota Johnson and John Hamm meet

How do we miss the new star couples - celebrities in recent years prefer to part rather than turn the novels. But here, it seems, we are waiting for something interesting! Dakota Johnson ("50 shades of gray") and John Hamm (series "Mad Men") were seen over a glass of wine in New York's Kingside restaurant. According to the excited stories of other visitors, the actors enjoyed each other’s company and could not part for a long time.

Dakota and John met in April this year at the birthday of Elton John (at least they were first seen together there). Of course, perhaps these two are just good friends who met to discuss the latest news over a glass of wine. But maybe not. Dakota last year broke up with musician Matthew Heath, and John ran off with screenwriter Jennifer Westfeld two years ago, with whom he lived in a civil marriage for 18 years. So both are free. Will there be a sequel? Time (and paparazzi!) Will show.

Dakota Johnson and John Hamm meet


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