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Cute and interesting Australian Terrier

Small, funny dogs with a mischievous character - Australian terriers, are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. They are so cute and interesting that playing with them is a pleasure. But, despite the small size and friendliness, in their veins the true fighters blood of brothers flows, therefore caution still will not hurt.

A bit of history

The Australian Terrier breed first appeared in the early 19th century. Then these dogs were bred to get rid of annoying rodents. Later, after undergoing some changes in the selection process, the terriers became irreplaceable guards, as well as shepherds of cattle.

The main feature for which the dogs began to appreciate on the Australian continent - scent. The animal can sense the danger for several miles and warn the owner.

Main characteristics

The height of the Australian Terrier is only 25 cm, but despite this, the dogs have a well-built muscular body.Because of the sticking, wire-like wool, they used to be called wire wool. But it is so thick and warm that it will not allow to freeze even in the most severe frosts.

Erect ears, pressed to the head, will indicate that the dog is very glad to see you. Most often, representatives of this small breed have a brown-red color, but there is also a blue with a silvery shade.

A distinctive feature is a funny tuft on the head, which is lighter than the main coat color.

Friendly baby

To educate an Australian Terrier is a snap, it is perfectly trainable and listens to its owner. In addition, the dog will be fine with other pets, especially dogs, preferably of the opposite sex.

But be careful if there are small pets in the house - hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, parrots, do not let them out of the cage unattended. Terriers are still a hunting breed, so the nature of the ancestors periodically makes itself felt.

Energy and the need for movement will affect the behavior of the pet. If you do not provide it with necessary daily walks and games, wait for the disorder in the house.

Proper care

How to keep this sweet mischievous? First of all, you need to take care of wool, which you need to comb daily. From time to time it is also necessary to cut off the excess in the area of ​​the eyes and ears so that the wool does not cause discomfort to the animal.

After the birth, the puppy needs to stop the tail for 2/3 of the length. The dog does not require additional care procedures.

How and what to feed?

The diet of Australian terriers must be saturated with necessary nutrients. And first of all wool will be evidence of their prosperity.

It is necessary to switch to a normal diet when the puppy reaches 3 months of age. At this time, he should eat 3 times a day. To determine the required portion, put the estimated amount of food in a bowl and wait 20 minutes. If after the time something in it remains, next time put less.

In order not to harm the dog, it is necessary to refuse such products as:

  • legumes;
  • cabbage;
  • sausages;
  • sweet;
  • bones.

As a reward, you can only occasionally please your pet with a small sugar calf bone.

Having put efforts in raising an Australian terrier, you will have a devoted companion who will treasure and protect you, warning you of possible danger in advance.

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