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Curtains for kitchen, living room and bedroom


Curtains for the kitchen in different styles

Classic style.If the kitchen is large enough, the combination of tulle curtains with classic long drapes will be the best solution. However, in a small kitchen, classic curtains will not look because of their length, in a small kitchen it is better to make sure that the curtain does not close the window sill. Fabrics in classic style must be selected in accordance with the interior of the room. It is important that the colors are in harmony with the color scheme of the room. The styles of organza models can be very diverse, however, it should be remembered that the tulle for the kitchen is better to choose from artificial materials (they are less polluted and easier to wash).

curtains in the kitchen in a classic style

Design of minimalist or high-tech curtains.The minimalist curtain styles are laconic, complete forms and lack of dense heavy fabrics. Eaves are selected facilitated, in one row.

curtains in the kitchen in the style of minimalism

Quite often, the design of curtains for the kitchen includes the so-called "Roman" curtains,for hi-tech styleIt is advisable to use blinds, Japanese or roller blinds.

Curtains in the kitchen in the style of high-tech

Style "country" or "rustic" interior.If the design of the kitchen is made in the style of "country", then use bright colors, pattern of geometric shapes or floral patterns. Curtains for the kitchen with lambrequin can harmoniously fit into the "rustic" interior of the kitchen. It should be noted that the pelmets should be small in size, consist of numerous ruffles or frills, and the fabric should be bright and have a floral color.

curtains in the kitchen in country style

Art Nouveau style.If the kitchen is made in modern style, then the design of curtains for the kitchen can be very unexpected. Recently, tulle curtains with photo prints have become popular, and the design may not be combined with the overall picture of the kitchen. For example, the image of London's Big Ben looks great in the kitchen, made in the style of Provence.

curtains in the kitchen in modern style

The choice of curtain style for the living room

The modern design of curtains and curtains is distinguished by a variety of styles, colors and shapes.The living room is exactly the room in which relatives and friends usually gather, so when creating the interior you should not forget about the curtains in the room. What are the styles of model options for the living room?

Classic.The curtain is usually made of light translucent fabric; inexpensive curtains of monophonic color or printed with soothing shades are used as curtains.

classic curtains in the living room

Curtains plisse and blinds in the living room.The design of the curtains for the living room is very diverse, but the most modern version is blinds. This look will easily fit into any interior, and blinds will reliably cover from the scorching rays of the midday sun.

blinds in the living room

Austrian styles.In appearance, the curtains resemble a theater curtain, are made of fairly expensive fabrics and, if desired, can be added to them at the bottom by a cord.

Austrian curtains in the living room

Japanese style.It is represented by fabric panels, which can easily be moved to any part of the window opening.

Japanese curtains in the living room

Italian style.Portieres, made in the Italian style, are distinguished by their pomp and costliness. If the room is decorated with such curtains, then the interior should be appropriate - an environment close to that of the palace.

classic curtains in the living room

Recently, people often either remove partitions between the first and second floors of a house, or they initially build rooms with two floors of windows - one above the other. This interior is called the living room with a second light.Curtain design with 2 lightinvolves the use in the interior of a wide variety of styles: light transparent curtains and heavy draped curtains will also fit in well.

curtains with 2 lights

Curtain style for the hall can be very diverse, but designers recommend to follow two rules when creating an interior: a combination of transparent fabrics with heavy curtains, and fabrics should be in the same color scheme with a room.

Design tips when choosing curtains for the bedroom

Curtain and curtain have unique properties - they create a feeling of comfort, comfort and warmth, and this is especially important in the bedroom. In order to have peace and tranquility in the house, and bring good mood and joy every morning, it is necessary to choose the right style of curtains for the bedroom.

It is very important when choosing models in the bedroom to take into account color variations. The entire bedroom should be made in the same color scheme.It is not necessary that the bedspread and the curtains are the same, just enough that the textiles complement each other at the expense of color or pattern. For example, a door of a dark blue color will harmoniously fit into a room of dark blue. However, it is not excludeduse of contrasting colorscurtains. Due to the contrasting colors, you can give the room a more complete look and highlight the window space.

color combination curtains

The choice of style depends on the interior of the bedroom. For example, for a bedroom madeatfromstile minimalism, monophonic fabrics without additional decor will do, and in the bedroom with monochromatic walls, tulle with a bright expressive pattern will look harmoniously.

curtains in the style of minimalism for the bedroom

It is important to choose the right material. For large rooms, heavy draped curtains will fit; they will fit perfectly intoclassic or historical bedroom design.

bedroom drapes

For small bedroomsmore appropriate would be curtains on the rings, made of natural fabrics (linen or cotton).

curtains on the rings for a small bedroom

It is necessary to choose the correct length of the curtains in the bedroom. Traditionally, curtains should be at a distance of 2 to 5 cm from the floor surface, but in certain cases curtains that are lying on the floor are allowed.Short curtains can be used in cases where there is a piece of furniture near the table, for example, a coffee table or a dresser.

Curtains 3 D for the bedroom

Technical progress does not stand still and designers offer such a service as creating a photo-curtain in a bedroom. What could beDesign 3 D curtains for the bedroom?

Curtains 3 D for the bedroom

Such models, made in the technique of 3 D, are divided into the following categories:

  1. Depending on the pattern applied to them (nature, cities, flowers, abstraction, animals and others).
  2. Depending on the fabric (gabardine, satin or blackout).
  3. According to the type of attachment (eyelets or curtain tape).


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