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Crafts from threads: masterpieces of simple materials

What is there in every home? Of course, the threads who do not have them. Sometimes a large number of them remain from the hobbies of knitting or from an aged loose thing, and only the lack of ingenuity and fantasy will encourage you to throw them away. However, few people know how much thread is a versatile material with which you can create many beautiful things.

The ability to create bright crafts from this material does not require special training, it is accessible to everyone.

In addition, it is also a very entertaining and interesting work. What is remarkable, hand-made crafts are incredibly beautiful and unique in their own way, because only to think, you invest your soul in them.

Material is always available.

This kind of occupation is often characteristic of female housewives or those who are on maternity leave who have the opportunity to get involved in embroidery, knitting, and beading. But isn't it great to create beauty? With the help of such handicrafts, you can originally diversify your interior, complementing it with unusual boxes, tablecloths and lamps.

At present, products of “hand-made production” are so popular that having mastered this technique, you can easily get profit from this by opening your souvenir shop, or by offering your goods on the Internet, in social networks.

We are trying to make crafts yourself

The most popular are crafts made of wool. Fans of knitting incredibly lucky, because they can knit for their kids and an unusual toy, rattle, warm rug or blanket. And you can give a toy volume using foam rubber, padding polyester or ordinary cotton wool. Children love these cute little things so much, and if the initials or the name of the child show off on them, it will be an object of universal delight.

Crafts made of wool will also be appropriate as a gift, for example, for the New Year. And, as you know, the best gift is a gift made by yourself. For example, you can make snowmen, snowflakes, etc. from woolen threads. The main element for them will be a delicate ball, which we will learn here to make with our own hands. Such a ball can serve not only as a blank for the specified figures, it can be used independently as a beautiful lampshade or decoration for a New Year tree.

Fantasize and create

To make such a ball is not at all difficult, for this we will need: woolen threads are better than different colors, glue PVA, balloons. The procedure is not complicated, first you need to inflate a balloon of the size you plan to make the very blank (lamp shade) and tie it with a thread.

Glue PVA to dissolve in a bowl with water in a proportion 3: 1 and leave in it threads for impregnation for some minutes. Then you can proceed to the actual winding of the ball, without getting the thread from the bowl with glue. So that the threads on the ball do not stick together, you can smear them with Vaseline beforehand, but this is not necessary, you can simply initially leave a large distance between the threads, gradually reducing it later.

The billet should be left to dry, preferably for a day away from heating devices. After that, you need to pierce the ball with a needle and pull it out through the gaps, or untie the thread and gently blow it off, which will allow it to be used in the future.

And you can be sure that your ball will be unique, you can paint it with colorful paints, sparkles, weave beads into it, paste rhinestones or flowers, everything that is enough imagination.Even more gratifying is that it all takes an insignificant amount of expenses.

Toys by children

In our digital age, children are increasingly engaged in playing computer games and consoles, and very rarely can they be seen reading books and doing their own hands. On long winter evenings, children can be occupied by creating dolls and Christmas-tree decorations from colored threads. In addition, such work not only develops fine motor skills in children, but also instills cravings for beauty.

You can offer the child, together with him, to make a ball using the technology described above, or to make a doll with it. Back in the days of our grandparents, the straw doll was the most common toy for children. In those days, when a woman had no opportunity to leave a child somewhere and took him with her to the field, dolls made of improvised material were used for distraction, then they were a bundle of straw, rewound with a cord, decorated with colored shreds and pigtails of threads .

Cute christmas tree

Such dolls are in some way the ancestors of dolls made of thread. And in fact, these materials are quite similar, but the threads are still much simpler to do, the material is more flexible and pliable, and if you need a rigid part, you can strengthen it with wire, for example.It is definitely very interesting to see how, on your eyes and with the help of your hands, the hank of threads is transformed into a toy.

What is remarkable, children will never spoil and tear such a toy, because they have invested their soul and efforts, and this is important. Practicing such exercises with a child needs to rely on how much he owns these or those skills, starting with simple and elementary things, step by step moving to more complex elements.

When purchasing materials for working with children, it is better to make your choice in favor of natural yarns: wool or wool, it is a pleasure to work with them, unlike synthetic ones.

You can also use threads from old loose items. If several children participate in a toy creation event, performing all actions, it is advisable to comment on them and not to prohibit children from coming to each other and watching the process.

Handicrafts for home and interior

How many different goods in the shops to create an interior, however, none of this product is able to replace things made by themselves, this is a fact. Consider the easiest way to decorate the interior with improvised tools, for this we will need multi-colored yarn and cardboard.Just cut a few circles of different diameters from thick cardboard and make shallow cuts along the edges, about 1 cm.

You can decorate the usual things

Then, armed with colored threads, it is necessary to wrap these circles alternately, hooking the thread over the cuts made. You can dream with colors and textures of threads, weave beads and beads into them, the cardboard can also be colored. After that, the resulting art objects must be hung with a thread attached to them on any holder, whether it is an improvised pile or a photo frame, which is your imagination.

In addition to this method, you can depict a flower with the help of thread and cardboard: again, you can cut a ring of thick cardboard about a centimeter wide. Thread or yarn should be cut into equal lengths of about 10 cm, and alternately, folding the pieces of thread in half, thread them through the hole in the ring, tightening the loop, so you get an original flower that will also find a worthy place in your interior.

In fact, these cardboard blanks do not have to be in the form of a ring, they can be either oval or square.From such blanks you can make a magnificent panel in the form of a basket with flowers, butterflies, etc., or simply hang them on the walls.

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