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Cottage Cheese Muffins With Raisins

Cheesecakes with raisins- a recipe.


  1. flour 300 gr;
  2. butter 100 gr;
  3. sugar 300g;
  4. cottage cheese 250 gr;
  5. egg 3 pieces;
  6. Raisins 100-150 g;
  7. baking powder 2 tsp.;
  8. milk 1/2 cup.


Well-softened butter is thoroughly mixed with sugar. Add cheese and mix thoroughly again. If the curd is dry, the mass will be too steep, in this case, gradually pour in milk or cream. Add the eggs. Gradually add flour mixed with baking powder. If the dough is very thick, add milk again.

It turns out the dough consistency is very thick cream. Add the raisins and mix them in the dough.


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