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I work with a large (by volume, 80 MB) cdr-document containing 2 large bmp-images + a bunch of vector objects. I regularly make backups ... From some wonderful moment the last cdr files stop opening. At first it loads and loads and somewhere on the last third of the file Corel generates an error (the window title is "Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library"): Runtime Error! Program ... CORELDRW.EXE This is the way that it has been requested. Please contact the application team for more information. After that, Corel closes itself ... This is observed in the 12th, and in the 13th (X3) Corel'e ... The glitches related to the file size are excluded, because in the previous similar situation the latest of normally opening cdr files was taken, work with it was continued, and further the number of objects was created much more than those in those cdr files that were not opened ... There is enough RAM (Corel's behavior was tested on 3 computers, on one of which 2 GB of RAM). There is plenty of virtual memory and space on the screw ... what could be wrong?
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Answered on February 28, 2016 03:39
The reason may be in CorelDRAW or not. You can tell exactly by analyzing a specific file. You can try as an alternative to try the program CorelDraw Repair Toolbox or RRF (Rapid recovery files) Sometimes it helps to disable the use of FontNavigator in CorelDraw-> Tools-> Options-> Text-> Fonts Also recovering XML workspaces by holding F8 when running Draw You will have time and interest - take that file, open where it opens (in X3), delete half of the contents, save with a new name and try to open where it always fell. Continue deleting until you find the buggy object. After that, throw on the preparation.

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