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Consequences of early pregnancy

The main cause of early pregnancy is a lack of awareness among adolescents about important aspects of sexuality and about contraception. At this age, many girls have rather vague ideas about conception, myths are common among them that one cannot get pregnant after the first time, etc. For adolescents rather frivolous attitude to this issue. They know theoretically that they can become pregnant and that they need to be protected, but in practice this problem does not seem to be worthwhile.
The negative consequences of early pregnancy are that the body at that age is not ready for full-fledged childbearing. Pregnancy is a huge stress and stress of the body, in adolescents, it can be very difficult. The less age, the more serious the consequences.In particular, there may be a violation of the structure of the bones caused by a lack of calcium, this trace element is necessary for the rapidly growing body of the girl, and for the developing child.
Early pregnancy is accompanied by many complications: severe toxicosis, placental insufficiency, increases the risk of miscarriage. Serious complications often develop during childbirth, up to the death of the child and the mother. Born children, as a rule, are lightweight, they have an increased risk of congenital abnormalities and death in infancy. In many cases of early pregnancy, an abortion decision is made. Often in such cases, it leads to infertility. If it is not possible to make an early interruption, time is running out, abortion, done in late periods, is life threatening.
Often becoming young mothers, girls drop out of school. As a result, then the problem of employment arises, since it is impossible to find a well-paid, prestigious job without education and experience. It becomes a serious question about the financial support of a young mother and baby. Many have to rely only on government support.Most of the adolescents are single, and about 75% are on full state support.
Young mothers do not fully understand the full degree of responsibility, but pregnancy makes them plunge into adult life with all the difficulties and problems without adequate training and experience. Children from such parents often develop disorders associated with malnutrition, improper care, etc. Such mothers do not know what the baby needs, and ignore its needs for tactile sensations and caress. But anger due to a broken life is often transferred to the child, sometimes it comes to physical abuse.

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