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Congratulation of the head happy birthday

Svetlana Rumyantseva

Once a year, in any work collective, employees and colleagues gather at a round table to discuss the upcoming event - the birthday (or even the anniversary) of the chief, director, general director, and the general commander of all this working front. On the eve of the celebration, three main issues are put on the agenda:how to originally congratulate a male or female director on a happy birthdaywhere and how to hold a ceremonial reception and a birthday gift from the team to the boss.

A meeting of members of the working group is recommended to be held two weeks before the solemn event. Before the meeting, the headman is selected, who prepares a list of questions, a preliminary program of congratulations to the chief, and his own ideas. During the discussions, the elder is fixingall offers from employeeson paper, at the end of the event a vote is taken. After the director’s gift is chosen and it is decided how to decorate the office of the woman’s or man’s head for the birthday in a stylish and business-like manner, the list of people who will be entrusted with the mission of buying a gift, ordering tables at the restaurant or purchasing food for a hike in nature is discussed. Yes, it is not so easy to prepare congratulations to the male leader for his birthday, but we will try to sort out all the nuances.

original and creative boss greetings and scripts for happy birthday

Team meeting: how to find the right solution

In order to congratulate the birthday girl, when deciding questions about the event, one should follow the traditional principles of business ethics:

Business and emotional assessment of relations "boss + employees"

In the workplace, wherethe chief pleases with his presence the collective seldomThere is a rule to modestly congratulate the director on minimum costs. In this case, the boss receives as a gift a standard set of stationery and a postcard. Birthday chef can be an impetus for rapprochement, new initiatives in communication.It is necessary to highlight the solemn day among the weekly calendar holidays, to originally and creatively wish happy birthday (or anniversary) to the chief or boss, to give the hero of the occasion an unusual gift.

Personal evaluation of the head

During the meeting on the eve of the holiday, it is necessary to find out: the director’s hobbies; having a sense of humor; to assess the personal qualities of the chef.

“Director - Claimant”

In this situation, whenboss is a harsh business man, often causes the guilty subordinates in the office, there is no long time on business trips, it is not recommended to plan a "wide feast", a funny poster or a sketch for the head on the day of birth is also unlikely to look appropriate. Employees are obliged to give a sign of attention in the form of a business souvenir, which they themselves will hand in, an assistant chief or a trustee.

gift to the boss for his birthday from the team

"Chef with a sense of humor"

Ifdirector has a humorous note, he is approached by employees on personal issues, helps, participates in solving current problems, you can please such a manager with an extravagant surprise in the form of a feast in a restaurant with a humorous program, a trip out of town or a stage congratulation right at the firm.It is recommended to find out about the plans of the boss the day before: usually the boss himself determines the place of the “session”.

Determining the scale of the celebration

If there is a positive partnership between the director and the team, you can think over the original and creativehappy birthday boss and scripts, hold a number of fun activities, give an extravagant gift. If relations in the workplace are “strained”, it is not recommended to ignore the event, you need to give attention in the form of a compact greeting and a pleasant surprise.

How to distribute responsibilities in a team

The gala evening program can be prepared by the employees themselves or entrusted with the question by a professional presenter by contacting specialized banquet service organizations. At the meeting, each employee receives "his" task, role. One is responsible for buying a present; the second prepares a solemn speech; a group of several people is responsible for decorating the director's office, the most talented can write beautiful congratulations to the head of a man or woman on his birthday -individual approach is especially appreciatedas opposed to the repeatedly reproduced patterned Internet greetings, heard at almost every holiday.

It is important to choose an individual who will deal with the issue of renting premises, financial issues (collecting money for the purchase of a gift, alcohol, payment of rent).

When choosing responsible persons, it is recommended to take into account the personal qualities of a person: ability to think, hobbies, sense of duty, individual capabilities. For example: a loader in a warehouse (in the absence of a natural gift to invent poems) is unlikely to be able to compose poetic original birthday greetings to the boss of a man or boss.

Scripting rules

The birthday of the chief is a special holidayit is recommended to hold it bright and colorful. The scenario of the celebration involves three parts:

1. Preparing the atmosphere

If the team plans to present a gift at the workplace (office, firm), it is recommended to create a festive atmosphere in the lobby or in the office of the head. What can be done?

Place balloons on the walls.
Create a composition of helium balloons in the form of a solemn arch to the director's office.
Arrange an extraordinary situation: on the door of the office hang a poster with a funny cartoon (the main character is the birthday man himself); place in the foster "gypsy camp" of disguised employees.
If the action takes place in the winter time: before entering the building from the snow, fashion a stand like it, write “Congratulations” on it.
Before the doors to the office, put the name and patronymic of the manager with coins.
Place along the corridor printed on the printer greetings from each employee (if the team is small) or department.
It is recommended to create musical accompaniment of the solemn part of the holiday.

decorate the office of the head of a woman or a man on his birthday

Two to three days before the significant date, you should carefully ask the boss about his plans (whether on a business trip). If this is not done, there may be an incident - the lack of a boss will triumph the efforts of the staff to triumph.

2. Introduction

The introductory part includesverbal congratulation to the head and presenting the gift. It is not recommended to write off ordinary, “erased” words for solemn speech from virtual sites.It is better to create a ceremonial speech by joint efforts, to congratulate in your own words, remembering the merits of a leader, individual positive qualities and hobbies. You can beautifully congratulate your boss on your birthday in verse or prose, wishing the boss well-being, money, good deals and health.

3. The triumphal part (entertainment)

There are two options for holding a festive evening: on their own and with the involvement of professional organizers, the toastmaster. If you plan an independent celebration, then it is recommended to approve the scenario a month before the holiday, distribute the roles among the participants.

The festive part of the celebration involves holding various contests, funny relay races, dances, musical programs with awarding prizes. Before drawing up the planit is recommended to thoroughly know the character of the chef, His hobby. If the head is keen on painting, you can come up with fun contests with writing cartoons. For the "boss-athlete" seem to be close in spirit sports contests.

Among the team there are colleagues with various individual talents.Alone - funny jokes; the latter are addicted to dancing; still others have the ability to sing. In total, you can create a chic holiday program, involve all employees.

how to originally congratulate the head of a man or director of a woman on his birthday or anniversary

Choosing a gift for the boss

A gift to a manager should be chosen, guided by the main principles of etiquette, personal qualities, wishes of the birthday man. With a little imagination and knowledgeyou can make a present for the head unforgettable.

Personal gift that defines the personality of the boss

To add the gift of "targeting" it is recommended to take into account the age of the boss, habits, needs. For example: the chef is an ardent fan of football. In this case, it is recommended to donate a football with a company logo or director's initials for the birthday; T-shirt with a self-portrait image of the boss in the form of a favorite national team; attributes of a football game. If the boss is a motorist, you can present the latest brand navigator to your boss, a set of disks for a car with backlight.

Musical greeting

The original will look like a “gift - congratulation” on the broadcast of online radio live.Unexpected congratulations - the main point, the chef should not guess about the upcoming surprise. You can also order congratulations through special companies, where employees imitating a voice (for example, the president) congratulate the boss in a comic form by calling him on a mobile phone.

Humorous souvenir as an addition to the main gift

It can serve as a gift (for a man and a woman) if the boss adequately asses the humor. What can you think of:

A medallion on a leather braid with the inscription: "To the most fair chief", "Our good director";
A piece of marble tiles from the "Walk of Hollywood Stars": on the tile is an imprint of a star, in the center of which the initials of the director are engraved in gold letters;
A decorative bundle of US currency, where instead of the President of the United States - a photograph of the chief.

Original box

Acceptable gift for men and women - the boss. In modern stores, online sites there is a wide variety of boxes - surprises. For example, for a man you can buy a “book - box”; for a woman - a box in the form of a miniature chest of drawers with a mirror with drawers for jewelry.

original and creative congratulations on your birthday or on the anniversary of the boss or boss

What to give the boss - a man

Undoubtedly, all reflections on how to originally congratulate the boss of a man or director on a woman on his birthday or on his jubilee are reduced to two basic points:how to organize the moment of congratulations and what to give. And if with gifts for female chiefs usually problems do not arise, then the brutality of the male director can lead to the rejection of many good (and fun) ideas. However, if you approach the gift for the chef with fantasy, it will not be difficult to surprise the birthday man.

The collection of fire "mini-weapons" inlaid with precious stones (bugles) of mahogany. Men, by their nature, are hunters. Few of the male half of the population are not interested in weapons.
If the chef is a fan of fishing, you can give a stylish spinning of domestic production (Canada, USA), fishing accessories.
A bright eccentric gift can serve as a collection of warships.
A collection of alcoholic beverages in unusual bottles. Before choosing such a presentation, it is recommended to clarify whether the chief uses alcohol.
In the absence of love for alcoholic products, it is recommended to choose tea or coffee sets complete with dishes for two persons.

beautiful congratulations to the head man on his birthday

So that the birthday celebration will be remembered for many yearsneed to impress the director. As a gift "surprise" you can make a show of sand. To do this, it is recommended to call the company in charge of celebrations in advance, find out the cost of the show, transfer personal information about the boss (achievements, important moments in life) to the salon manager.

What to give to the boss

The female director is, first of all, a special female and only after that one can evaluate her business qualities. Women associated with business are strict, aggressive, requiring strict execution of instructions. Or vice versa, a businesswoman is an attentive, kind, loyal lady. What can be recommended as a presentation to a woman:


Flower Arrangement- A great addition to the main gift. A bouquet should be different from a daily present with the number of flowers (there should be more than five pieces in a bouquet), rich decoration, and decorative accessories.Amazingly look as a gift potted flowers of large sizes, where the flower stand is decorated with an imitation of precious stones (diamonds, rubies), exotic animals (a pot in the form of an Egyptian cat).

Chocolate personalized present

Almost all women are sweet teeth. A sweet gift will be given to a woman-boss “to taste”, if it is made in an original and eccentric way.

As a birthday surprise, you can order in the bakerychocolate fountain, a chocolate bouquet of roses with a ribbon, on which are written the initials of the birthday girl.

Personalized handmade souvenir

The female nature of the strictest leader is naturally sentimental, feels keenly on objects of art, which include: paintings, hand-made souvenirs, embroidery (panel), elements of decorative and applied activities. As a presentyou can present a handmade doll- with appearance or elements of the wardrobe of the headmistress.

Souvenir - a figurine from the leading designer

A female boss will like a statuette depicting grace, beauty, femininity, or vice versa, diplomacy. It may bebig egyptian vaseinlaid with glass beads, beads; the classic five-volume book about women's victories in business in holiday packaging; exotic fountain with bizarre animals.

As an original gift fitcertificate for visiting cosmetic shop or spa.

What gifts are not worth buying

Among the list of gifts there are things that can not be given categorically to the boss or the headmistress.

original birthday greetings to the boss of a man or boss

Forbidden gifts for women

Jewelry accessories (regarded by the boss as a bribe);
Bed dress;
Intimate accessories (underwear);
Things to wear;
Cosmetic creams sets;
Decorative cosmetics;
A certificate to attend a fitness center (the headmistress will think that her figure looks bad).

Gifts - a taboo for men

Knitted things (jumper, mittens, hat);
Toothpaste, brush, pumice for heels;
Religious gifts;
Eau de Toilette;
Animals (parrots, kittens, exotic fauna).

When choosing a gift is recommended to focus on the price of the goods.Excessively expensive surprise can serve a cruel joke: the boss will regard it as bribery or bribe.


Often, the celebration of the birthday of the leader becomes a real headache for all employees of the team. Indeed, everything must be envisaged, up to the smallest details: the boss's business schedule, the place of celebration and its decoration, the original, and at the same time stylish and business gift, beautiful solemn speeches without a sycophant and financial support for the whole event. But, if you do not rush into the organizational pool for two or three days before the celebration, and come to this important matter smartly and in advance, the holiday will undoubtedly bring pleasant and vivid emotions not only to the birthday person, but to the entire team - this is a great opportunity informal communication and sincere joy.


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