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Concealer for the face: what is this miracle - a means?

Every girl dreams that her face skin is always perfect: smooth, fresh, without wrinkles and reddening, as from the picture of glossy magazines. But lest they say there are few ideal ones, each can complain about their personal problems that they really want to hide, only this is not always possible.

Many dream of perfect skin

In life there are such events and situations when it is simply essential to look chic and immaculately, and what is most interesting is quite real, the main thing is to learn how to choose and use the facial corrector correctly.

Of course, we cannot make all the flaws and flaws of the skin take and disappear, but, in any case, we can completely disguise them when it is very necessary.

Naturally, you probably shouldn't use such miracle remedies every day, especially when there is no visible need for this, because the skin should also periodically rest from makeup, no matter how expensive and good it is.

It is necessary to use such tools carefully, to be serious about this business, because one wrong move and your ideal skin will turn into a mask that will be able to frighten those around you with its unnatural shades.

But do not worry, there is nothing difficult in using such a tool, the main thing is to figure out how to choose a good facial corrector for a face that is right for you? Some women are afraid to use correctors at all, because they believe that it can curl up and gather on the skin during the day, thus highlighting all the flaws and problem areas of the face. So that nothing like this happens to you, we will help you understand this question.

What are the correctors?

Proofreaders, like most cosmetics, are divided depending on the form of release of the product itself, most often they are of three types.

  • Liquid concealer, sometimes called concealer, most often has the form of an oblong tube, which is equipped with an applicator (foam, roller or brush). Concealers are distinguished by their light and delicate texture, they are good to use for the area around the eyes, but it will be difficult for them to hide serious defects, such as redness or pimples.
  • Pencil (sticker).Such products can boast a rather dense texture, they perfectly mask acne, acne, freckles and even can hide small scars on the face, but the area under the eyes should be avoided, rather coarse texture can injure the skin, which can cause new wrinkles.
  • Correctors in the form of cream. These are universal remedies that combine all the advantages of the two previous types, which is why professional makeup artists love them so much, their color range and perfect texture can hide even the most difficult and deep flaws.

Secondly, the correctors, of course, differ in their colors, each tone is intended not only for a certain type of person, but also for a specific problem that you want to disguise.

Often, it even happens that the girl has a few different proofreaders in the girl’s cosmetics bag, which can be used depending on the situation.

The whole range of colors is divided into two types: one that can alter the shape of the face and one that is suitable for masking minor skin defects: acne, acne, age spots, redness, freckles, dark circles under the eyes or blackheads.

For frequent use, use the corrector, which will be two tones lighter than your foundation. It should be ideally combined with a tint of your skin and powder, in order to choose your option, drip and hold the corrector on the wrist, if it is almost invisible, then it will suit you, otherwise, you must continue your search.

Corrective tool pallet

Proofreaders may have a variety of colors, green or yellow, silver and purple, regardless of whether they are presented in the form of a cream or a pencil, such means are used for specific purposes.

For example, a green or blue corrector is able to perfectly mask redness, acne, blackheads, or broken blood vessels. But the purple or purple concealer is better to use the ladies with jaundiced complexion, it will give a fresh and healthy look.

Silver miracle remedy is perfectly combined with evening make-up, in artificial lighting of lanterns and lamps you will have a stunning, glowing look, the skin will resemble the perfect china, but be careful - in natural light this corrector will look very unnatural.

Peach, orange and apricot proofreaders are suitable for girls with very dark and tanned skin, they will give her a noble and slightly cold look. But you can hide freckles or give your skin a pleasant shade of tan using a gold or bronze corrective agent.

How to use the corrector correctly?

For all proofreaders, regardless of the purpose of its use, as well as the form of release, the general rule applies: it does not need to be smeared, rubbed and put a huge number of layers of this wonderful tool.

You will forget about bruises under your eyes.

A light touch of the finger, brush or applicator pads is enough, and then lightly shaded, without much zeal. The peculiarity of corrective means is that they can be used as an independent means, and applied under the foundation or foundation, or on the foundation, another option is to use a corrector and powder, which is the final stage of makeup.

A transparent concealer can be applied completely to the whole face, or you can steal the most problematic T-zone, and then refresh it during the day, if such a procedure seems necessary to you.

If you are using an antibacterial agent or masking a particular flaw, then it should be applied to the local place of the problem area itself, and the borders should be slightly shaded so that it does not catch the eye.

Typically, these proofreaders instantly hide all the flaws, and some also have a therapeutic effect. But keep in mind that colored, highly disguising, correctors cannot be used daily, these are products that are suitable for special occasions. It is clear that acne and blemishes will not disappear at once, but with the help of such colored products you can dry out your skin and aggravate skin problems.

There are different types of this tool.

Surely, you are interested in the best correctors that can cope with even the most serious problems that are of good quality and easy to apply, do not spoil the skin and perfectly superimpose.

Reviews of the most popular proofreaders say that such a tool should be selected on an individual basis, something that suits your girlfriend or friend may not be combined with your skin.

With regard to quality, many girls like proofers from Loreal, L’ammbre or Maybelline, most professional cosmetics are responsible for their products, which is reflected in their relative high prices.

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