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Community organizations

Tell me, please, public organizations or foundations, maybe specific people who are involved in organizing cultural and educational events?
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Answered on March 10 00:25
It depends on what scale. We with two friends organize exhibitions, concerts, workshops on a non-commercial basis, but within the district (we are now in Yaroslavl, if that).
Answered on March 10 00:28
Indeed, the issue is in scale. Well, in order. There are different interest societies that organize events. But if in a broader sense - maybe pay attention to this organization, they have representative offices throughout the country, and all sorts of events regularly take place.
Answered on March 10 00:33
And for what purpose? Do you want to participate as a spectator or to offer your services? If we offer services, we would be happy to discuss the conditions with you, we organize events for children and adults on a non-commercial basis.

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