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Closer to the stars: a Bieber fan made an idol-like face

Stars seem perfect. Many girls and young people want to be like them. True, sometimes this dream passes a reasonable line. For example, a fan of Justin Bieber spent a lot of money on plastic surgery to become like his idol. Did he succeed?
justin bieber 2013
Toby Sheldon before and after plastic surgery
Photo: Archives of press services

What just do not come up with the fans to become like their idols. Many copy the hair or makeup of the star, some copy the style of clothing. But sometimes it comes to madness: girls and young people go to surgeons with a photograph of a celebrity and asking them to make the same face. So, some time ago, 33-year-old American Toby Sheldon (Toby Sheldon) spent five years and $ 100 thousand to become like singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber).

In order to look like a popular singer, Toby Sheldon changed the slit of eyes and smile. Of course, he has changed beyond recognition.But whether such changes came to his advantage and whether he looked like Justin Bieber is a rather controversial question ...

By the way, we have to admit that plastic operations do not always benefit even the stars themselves, despite the fact that they are not trying to copy anyone.


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