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Clematis. Planting and care

To achieve long-term flowering of clematis, you must follow the rules of agrotechnology. The plant prefers open sunny areas. But below, clematis roots should have some shading so that the root system does not dry out. This can be done by planting low-growing plants in front of a liana. The soil must be sufficiently fertile and necessarily non-acidic.

For plant growth, you need to find a suitable support. This may be an arch or pergola, as well as walls of buildings. But you can not plant plants close to the walls, you need to retreat a little from them, so that the water flowing from the roofs of buildings does not fall on the roots of the vines. Otherwise, the root system of the plant may rot.

Several clematis plants need to be planted at some distance from each other. In this creeper side shoots grow very intensively, and if they are intertwined, flowering will not be so lush.

The depth of the landing pit for clematis should be approximately 50 cm, as well as its diameter. It is recommended to put a drainage layer at the bottom of the pit so that excess water can move away from the roots.

Clematis Care

Before irrigation, a distance and a groove recede from the main stem. It is in this groove and supply sufficient water, about 50 liters per plant. Water is not poured all at once, but as it is absorbed by the soil. Such irrigations are carried out approximately once a week. Cold water clematis is not allowed! This can trigger the development of root rot of a plant. As a result, shoots vines can dry out.

For long and lush flowering of clematis, fertilizers should be fed with appropriate fertilizers. To do this, first 1-2 buckets of water are poured into the watering groove, and then fertilizer is applied.


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