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Cindy crawford showed wrinkled legs

Supermodel is still good, but not as fresh as before.

Cindy Crawford has lately been shaking from side to side. She will dress like an aunt, and even show the folds on an already unmodeled waist. Then all of a sudden - bang - and she is invited to a topless fashion shoot, and Crawford even looks back on makeup before the makeup just gorgeous. At the same time, she again looks not the best way.

Atmospheric photo: wooden swings, trees, a quiet courtyard, Cindy in a lace dress, barefoot and ... with wrinkled legs.

Cindy crawford
Photo: @cindycrawford
Cindy crawford
Photo: @cindycrawford

Maybe it was not for nothing that the great Coco Chanel said that her knees are the ugliest part of a woman's body? Although let's be honest, who pays great attention to them, if they don't look so terrible? But at the disposal of Cindy for sure a whole arsenal of beauty products and an army of cosmetologists, ready to come to the aid of the first call. Why does she not do this?

However, Cindy was and remains a legendary model regardless of the condition of her legs, arms, chest and other body parts.She calmly can seem to millions of fans without a drop of makeup, with wrinkles and circles under the eyes and still be a beauty. Indeed, in Cindy there is that style and class, which many young models lack. That is why she won at one glance and will continue to win hearts.

A minor flaws, I think, Crawford will correct, when it deems it necessary. And it will still shine on the red carpet and, who knows, maybe even on the catwalks.


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