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Church holiday on September 8



THE LITTLE OF NATALIA lived in Nicomedia of Vifinskaya under the emperor Maximian (305-311) and was married to the head of the judicial chamber Adrian. Once, during the persecution of Christians, 23 Christians were captured and brought to Adrian, hiding in a cave near Nicomedia. "What reward do you expect from your God for the torment?" - asked them Adrian. The martyrs answered: "Such a reward as we cannot describe, but your mind cannot comprehend." Then Adrian himself confessed himself a Christian, and was thrown into prison. Natalia, having learned that her husband was suffering for Christ, was delighted because she herself was a secret Christian. She hurried to the dungeon and began to strengthen it: “All earthly things are dust and ashes. Only faith and good works are acceptable to God. ” After the execution of Adrian, exhausted by long suffering, soon Natalia herself reposed.



On this day, in some places, oats are mungled; in others, oat harvesting ends.
A cold matinee heralds an early and cold winter.
Cook oatmeal and bake pancakes.
Do not drive a whip, drive a bag!
A well-fed horse has eight legs.


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