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Broth is the basis of almost any first course, except vegetable soups, of course. What kind of broth, such a soup and. Its color, smell, taste depend largely on the broth. Chicken broth is a real delicacy. Chicken broth soup - transparent, yellowish, invigorating and giving strength. No wonder they are preparing chicken broth for a sick person, because he has the ability to easily digest and maintain the strength of a weakened organism. And recent studies have confirmed the hypothesis of scientists that chicken broth improves the condition of the heart by acting on the size of the heart muscle and the thickness of the walls of blood vessels, while not having any effect on blood pressure. Interestingly, even a cup of concentrated broth, daily drunk by an adult for a long time, helped to normalize the heart rhythm. Researchers associate this effect with a specific peptide in a fresh chicken. Chicken broth is the basis for all chicken soups, as well as for other very tasty dishes.At the same time, fresh chicken broth well helps with colds and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, we will tell you how to cook meat broth, how to cook soup on the broth. Chicken broth - a recipe that requires patience. The answer to the question how much chicken broth is cooked cannot be unambiguous, since the cooking time depends on the meat selected. After all, the correct recipe for chicken broth - can be both from whole chicken and from its parts. Traditional broth is boiled from rooster or chicken, dietary is prepared from chicken breast, but chicken meat is most often used. Of course, the ideal option is to cook broth from poultry. The recipe for cooking chicken broth can be found in the classics. For example, in the book of recipes of Alexander Dumas (19th century). The writer and culinary specialist suggests “cooking a young rooster and half of a hen and onions stuffed with cloves”! One of the traditional and popular homemade recipes for soups in broth is chicken noodles. If your child is not too fond of soups, do not take the time to cook him noodle soup in the broth according to the classic recipe and your efforts will be rewarded.Children are happy to eat this light and tender soup. If you do not want to fill the broth with noodles or noodles, it can be served with a hard-boiled egg or hammered into the broth during cooking.

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