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Characteristics of men and women Virgins in the year of the Bull

Anna Lyubimova November 29, 2017

An exhaustive definition of the internal state of these people may well be the word self-sufficiency. They are intelligent, deep and thoughtful, thanks to which they see the world without rose-colored glasses. But innate optimism and kindness rid this view of gloom and condemnation. Virgin Bulls understand the psychology of those around them well and accept them as they are. They are sober realists who are striving for everything they need with hard work, regardless of whether it's a career or a personal life. Their belief in themselves is not based on ephemeral plans and baseless dreams, but on concrete results, which makes them strong personalities and reliable partners.

Of great importance to themlong-term friendship, strong connections- related and business. They are pleased with the opportunity to help those who are dear to them.

Virgin Bulls subtly feel nature, love measured walks, quiet communication with interesting interlocutors

These are positive and hardworking people who have a special talent not to burden anyone with their problems, in any circumstances, to maintain a presence of spirit and a positive attitude.

Characteristics of male Dev-Bulls

Virgo boys, born in the year of the Bull,purposeful and consistent,determine life priorities in early adolescence and follow them to the end of life. Sometimes this is seen as a certain conservatism, which hinders the development of a new one, but the developed intellect plus responsiveness and sociability make representatives of these signs very popular both at work and in the circle of friends.

Imperfections of the mark

The Deva-Bull man is very good at owning his feelings.

Male Virgin Bullhas good feelingsHe does not allow himself harsh statements about his colleagues and relatives. Fair diligence and even non-conflict character work for his authority, help to achieve good positions and material prosperity. He very competently handles finances and over time achieves complete independence and stability in this aspect.

Going to the planned level, he happily leads the life of a true gentleman: he looks after his appearance,attends prestigious events, beautifully cares for the ladies, taking the time to make serious commitments.

The Virgin-Bull loves, that all corresponded to once and for all established rules, by all means fulfills the promises and demands it from others

In business, he is just as meticulous and careful as in everything else.

This is a strong master of the house, appreciating the patriarchal structure and mutual understanding. He can do many things with his own hands, can become a successful gardener, independently arrange a country estate. Virgo-Ox, as a rule, is physically strong, he needs movement and sport. They help him"Reset" the internal voltagewhich accumulates due to its restraint and secrecy.

Imperfections of the mark

The combination of scrupulously attentive to the details of the Virgin and the energetic-stubborn Bull can turn the "ward" of these signs into a picky and annoying critic of everything around. For the home, he will become a real punishment, and his colleagues will avoid any contact with him. It's good, when on life's journey he will meet a reasonable and understanding husband who will appreciate the obvious advantages of a partner. She iswill be able to correct the behavior of her husbandand emphasize its strengths, leveling the weaknesses.

Imperfections of the mark

Well, when on the path of life he will meet a reasonable and all-understanding spouse

The vulnerability and weakness of such men lies in their willingness to believe in their exclusivity. Overconfidence, which is difficult to cope on its own, can lead to unpredictable consequences. It is good that they try to never lose ground. A real view of things helps them to return "from heaven to earth" and understand that their success is based on work, and not vile ideas.

Characteristics of women Dev-Bulls

Lady Virgo-Bull have a strong character and strong will.They are intelligent, disciplined, do everything they have planned, and never be late for business meetings. The appearance of Dev-Bulls, as well as possible, reflects their inner essence: they are neat, dressed with taste, keep themselves tactfully and collected.

Both at work and in the family of the Virgin Bulls are showing attention and patience towards those who are close by.

It may seem that such women are not capable of strong feelings. But their coldness is more correctly attributed to the habitual manner of behavior, and not to the real attitude towards people.They also want love, romance, carefree fun, but innate restraint does not allow to demonstrate these aspirations openly.

It is believed that the Virgo girl, born in the year of the Bull, will be able to achieve any goal. There is a great deal of truth in this. But she goes from victory to victory only when the next is a reliable partner who will restrain her ambition andhelp balance over-careand own needs.

The friendliness and sincere integrity of such women attract many people, but they are very selective in choosing friends. But they are ready to refuse pleasures or any material benefits for their sake, just to support them in difficult times.

Women of the Bulls-Virgo - excellent housewives, skillful and zealous, kind caring mothers, loyal daughters, patient brides

The hearth is exactly the place where women of the Virgin Bulls can afford to at least become weak and defenseless for a short time, to show their creative abilities, for example, in baking or handicrafts. Theybecome true associates of their husbands, real friends of their own children.

Imperfections of the mark

The big minus of such women is the lack of psychological flexibility. For maximum implementation, they need one specific goal, which they want to achieve. Therefore, it is difficult for them to combine a successful career and a prosperous family life. The need to constantly choose between one and the other is a weak basis for lasting success, and Virgos do not like any unstable situations. In addition, theycan not tolerate spontaneous actions. They are comfortable in a familiar environment, where everything is pre-planned and planned.

Characteristics of female Dev-Serpent

Women of the Bulls-Virgin - excellent housewives, skillful and zealous

Love compatibility Virgins in the year of the Bull

For these representatives of the strong and weak halves of humanity, love and matrimony are extremely important. Without them, they feel the incompleteness of the overall "picture" of successfully developed life. They are not alien to the desire to have a soul mate next to them, which will divide their aspirations and interests.

At a certain age, all the Bulls Virgos begin to carefully look at their acquaintances, trying to determine which of them will be most suitable for their ideal life partner. Having made their choice, they will remain loyal to him and are unlikely to be tempted by dubious proposals.

Of the men of these signsgood faithful husbands are obtainedwhich, however, are not too fond of, when the partner is trying to bring diversity to their relationship. They are more expensive stable benevolence and spiritual comfort, which arises only in the case of absolute confidence in the chosen one. Therefore, they can decide for a long time who suits them, but, having entered into marriage, become real advocates and support of all family members.

The ladies of the Virgin-Bull have a subtle intuition, they are able to distinguish the real feeling from the minute passion, they are looking for a partner to match themselves.

In vital mattersthese strict ladies are incredulous and cautioustherefore, they are very concerned about compatibility in love with their future spouse. As a rule, the decision on marriage is made by them only after meeting with the "prince on a white horse." From the beloved they are waiting for sensitivity and kindness, practicality and romantic signs of attention.

Both men and women Virgin-Bull feel well allied with Taurus, Cancer, Virgin and Aries. Family life with Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius can be quite unimportant.

Minimum compatibility
According to the eastern calendar Rat, Bull, Cat (Rabbit), Dragon Goat, Pig, Dog, Snake Rooster, Tiger, Horse, Monkey
Western calendar Virgo, Aries, Cancer, Taurus Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, Capricorn Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini

Full description of the child of the Virgin born in the year of the Bull

Even as a baby, the Baby Virgin Bull shows rare stubbornness when it reaches for a forbidden object or requires an additional portion of porridge.

Growing up, the boy Virgo in the year of the Bull increasingly “pulls the blanket over himself”, wants to take the place of a leader in relations with mom and dad

They should be on their guard if they do not want to raise a proud egoist from their son.

Baby Virgo-Ox is not always active. From the side it may even seem slightly slowed down. But in the children's head is continuous work. Childanalyzes what it seesand hears around him, mastering new skills and knowledge. The curiosity that is natural to children in this case is satisfied by their own observation and propensity to process information. Later, these children can easily study, teachers favor them for their discipline and accuracy.

characteristic of the child of the Virgin born in the year of the Bull

Child Virgo Bull shows a rare perseverance when it reaches for a forbidden object.

An insightful and polite girl, Virgin-Bull, early on acquires the ability to distinguish good from evil, sincere feelings from fake ones. She - the first assistant mother, and then - the teacher in the classroom. In her notebooks only good grades. She is in good faithperforms school assignments and assignmentsand enjoys their success. This young lady needs a relationship of trust with senior family members. It is important for her to be able to discuss what excites her, with a person who will communicate with her on an equal footing and will give necessary advice in time.

In adulthood, the children of these signs become qualified professionals, often run businesses and companies, create strong families, so that parents can be calm for them. Of course, if they tactfully correct their inherent flaws, cultivate patience and benevolence in them.


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