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Melon Candied

Why chew? Personally, I hear this question every day, more than once. Although, most likely, for most mummies he has become familiar. Sweets cooked at home, with the store will not be compared, but sometimes that time is not enough, then the products will be more expensive, but the candied fruits are worth it so that you cook them yourself. Moreover, they can be made from any fruit, for example from a melon. Be sure to try. In winter, it will be a real delicacy. 1 kg of melon will need a kilogram of sugar and 2 cups of water. Cooking the syrup. Sugar mixed with water, cook over very low heat until it is time until it is completely dissolved. Do not be distracted, so that the syrup is not burned, it must be constantly interfered. When the syrup is ready, you can drop the melon into it. It must be pre-cut into slices.
Candied Melon
Peel and make even pieces.
Candied melon
Drop slices into hot syrup, boil over low heat for 5-7 minutes. Take a break for 7-10 hours, boil again, and so three times.Mix gently so as not to damage the shape of the segments.

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