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Brilliant way to grow green onions at home without land and a pot

Grow a green onion in a pot or any other container is not very convenient - there is a lot of waste, and green onions, in fact, grows small. Are there any alternative ways? Even more than that, there are two such ways, and for both, green onions are proposed to grow in a ... plastic bag! As a result, you will have a real green harvest without any difficulties, and you will not even have to mess with the ground.


  • durable plastic bags;
  • bulbs (preferably small);
  • sawdust (you can buy at any pet store);
  • toilet paper.

The method is very simple and quickly remembered:

1. “Brew” a handful of sawdust with boiled water in a saucepan, let them cool, then drain the remaining water. Sawdust should be wetted, but not damp - when pressed it should not drip water.

2. In the package, put two large handfuls of sawdust, tamp them a little.

3In the meantime, prepare the bulbs - cut the neck of them to stimulate the growth of green feathers.

4. Plant the small bulbs in the sawdust, tightly seated them to each other.

5. "Blow" the bag and tie it. Leave it until the green feathers grow high enough. Then you can unleash. This method saturates the package with carbon dioxide, which is necessary for active plant growth.

6. The second way is to use a simple toilet paper instead of sawdust. Tear off several layers, put in a bag and moisten with water to form a kind of gruel. Then repeat all previous manipulations.

The result is a lot of onions in a small space and in a short time!


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