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Brilliant ideas for storing things in a small apartment.

Rational use of space is especially important in small apartments. If you wish, you can organize convenient storage systems in the most unexpected places. The appearance of the dwelling will not be affected, but there will be no space left for congestion and piling up. In addition, everything you need will be at hand.

The space formed in the place where the bed is fixed will become a convenient bookshelf for those who like to read before bedtime.

A small rack will be enough to accommodate handbags and cosmetic bags, filled with a thousand little things.

Attached to the booth remote controls are unlikely to get lost.

Attach the original, attractive exterior storage containers can be directly to the wall.

There is space for additional drawers inside the high cabinets or at the base of the hanging shelves.

An alternative to the floor basket for dirty laundry will be an original bag suspended from the door.

In the small bathroom will always be the way hanging hooks.

Suspend on the cornice for the curtain you can not only individual items, but baskets.

An additional hanger in the corner will be very handy.

Compact placement - the key to success. This tactic allows you to have on hand everything you need.

Book shelves may be so.

Even the designer will be by the way, an excellent holder will come out of it.

To store toys for swimming in a basket for fruit is not only creative, but also convenient.

If you use this idea, then things in the closet will go much more.

Doors from the inside should not be left empty.

This is a great place to store your ladder or ironing board. Place here you can and holders for towels.


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