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Bright ideas for fashion manicure for the 2018 meeting

As they say, a sleigh needs to be cooked in the summer. The same applies to the New Year's image, the creation of which is better to do in advance. An important part of it is a manicure. And what nail design will be relevant at the meeting in 2018? Let's figure it out!

Color palette

The symbol of the coming 2018 will be a yellow earth dog, and this means that such colors as mustard, yellow, golden, copper, lemon and others will be the most relevant.

Choose and shades associated with the land: terracotta, chocolate, woody, brown. You can also use bright tones of a warm range, for example, coral, red, salmon. But give up the pale colors, because the New Year is a time of rich and rich colors.

Tip: if the shades listed above do not like you or do not suit your outfit, then take white as a base: it is universal, looks bright and winter-like, associating with snow.

Length and shape

The length should be medium, since naturalness is still in trend, and excessively long nails will make it difficult to enjoy the celebration and spoil the image, making it vulgar. The maximum natural shape should remain, so make the plates oval or almond-shaped, avoiding sharp and pronounced edges.

Fashionable Christmas patterns

Fashionable New Year's manicure for 2018 absolutely should not be banal, boring and monophonic, so feel free to dilute it with drawings.

Consider the most relevant and interesting ideas:

  • Since the dog will be the symbol of the year, this cute and faithful animal may very well and should even show off on your claws. And it is not necessary to depict it naturally, funny faces or cartoons will look fun and playful.
  • The most relevant drawing in winter is, of course, snowflakes. And even a beginner will be able to cope with such an image, since there are no strict restrictions: you can use a variety of options.
  • As patterns for a holiday manicure, you can and should use the essential New Year's attributes. The choice is simply huge: Santa Claus and reindeer from his team, snowmen, beautiful green Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, candy, garlands, stars.
  • In such a holiday on the nails will look funny sweater designs, which are often found on knitted clothes. Moreover, traditional deer can be replaced by dogs.
  • If you prefer simple patterns, then use strips as a basis, which you can represent yourself using stencils. But in the New Year they should be contrasting, stand out and bright. Particularly successful combinations are red stripes on a white background or, on the contrary, white on red.

Fashionable Christmas effects

The New Year is an excellent occasion to create a stylish nail design, complementing it with bright effects. And especially glitterers and sequins, personifying fairy lights, magic and sparkling snow. Rhinestones will also be appropriate, but it is better to use them in moderation.

If your image should be elegant and elegant, then choose a feminine jacket. And so that it does not seem too boring and everyday, supplement it with glitters located on the edge of the nail plates, or rhinestones. You can also decorate the jacket with bright and contrasting shades.

Another interesting and winter variant is the so-called glass manicure, which on the eve of the New Year can acquire a slightly different performance.Glass fragments are very similar to ice cubes, and this similarity can be used to design marigolds, as if covered in scattered slices of ice.

General rules

Finally, a few general rules, the observance of which will allow you to make a perfect manicure and complete the festive look:

  1. Remember that the manicure should fit into the image and be combined with the New Year's attire, so choose the tones and effects that will harmonize with your dress and complement it. Consider and make-up features to look perfect.
  2. Complicated designs or intricate designs look good and are fully revealed only on long nails. If your short, it is best to choose simple longitudinal patterns.
  3. The new year is an excellent occasion for bold experiments. Do not be afraid to dream and be bright: a festive image allows it and welcomes.
  4. Remember that the naturalness still does not go out of fashion, so do not overdo it with drawings and effects. It will be enough to focus on one or two nails: one to complement the pattern, and the other underlined rhinestones or sparkles.

New Year's manicure will be bright, festive and stylish, if you go creatively to create it and follow some rules.

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