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Blue shoe boots

If your height is not very big, then wear blue suede ankle boots with leggings or narrow trousers. Put on top of T-shirt, T-shirt or blouse. This combination will immediately make you visually taller, the image will be fashionable and stylish.
The blue color itself is majestic and beautiful, so to create a festive look you don’t have to wrestle with what this shoe will go with. Just choose an outfit of the same color. For example, wear a blue chiffon dress, blue ankle boots, earrings and a bracelet - that's all, the image is ready! And femininity can emphasize with the help of a blue clutch.
High-heeled boots - classic shoes for young people. With the help of blue shoe boots you can create unique images! Wear tight jeans with a cardigan and blouse or flared dress.
Are you a business woman? Then emphasize individuality by wearing a light brown pencil skirt, a white blouse and an orange jacket. In addition to the blue shoes and take a handbag of this color.

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