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Berry Cocktail Tentorium

Berry Cocktail Tentrium PhotoBerry cocktail tentorium - recipe



12 months at -18 ° C.


Need for berry cocktail:


6 tin cans up to 750 ml;


750 g of small strawberries;


750 g of strong raspberries;


750 g of red currant;


750 grams of blackberry;


200 grams of sugar.


Berry cocktail tentorium - recipe



1. fruits freeze during the season as they ripen, as they cannot all be of good quality at the same time. Rinse each variety with cold water, dry it on a napkin, shaking.


2.50 g of sugar and 50 g of soft strawberries boil, rub through a sieve and cool. The rest of the strawberries mixed with syrup, spread on banks, close and freeze.


3.700 g raspberries spread out on a tray and freeze until hard. Boil 50 g of sugar with 50 g of soft raspberries and rub through a sieve. Immerse frozen raspberries in syrup, shaking the jar, Pour the raspberry syrup over the strawberries, close the jars and place in the freezer.


4 Currants and blackberries are prepared in the same way. raspberries, and freeze.


5.Fully ready to serve and the berries look attractive in a sparkling jelly; 500 ml of red currant juice quickly bring to a boil, dissolve 8 soaked gelatin leaves in it, add 600 g of frozen mixture of berries. Season with raspberry syrup and allow to harden in a ring mold, cooled with cold water. To set the table, put the jelly on the dish and serve cream to it. Instead of the currant juice, you can take red wine, and pour the berry "crown" with currant liqueur or blackcurrant liqueur. It turns out a very interesting version of the cocktail, but not suitable for children, as it contains alcohol.


6. The berry mixture is also heated in the refrigerator and consumed in its pure form with ice cream, in a sweet ring made of rice and with a jelly of almond milk “Blanmange”.


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