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Decorative plate "Bees on flowers"

A decorative plate can be made from any object of a suitable shape or, as in this case, from an ordinary disposable plate. Beautiful and unusual product will make the original composition. Whether it will be a personal idea or a motive borrowed from somewhere that inspired the creation of a particular plot is not so important. The main thing is to approach the matter with a creative attitude and then the imagination itself will tell you how to do something out of ordinary things. I would like to share my master class on making a children's decorative plate called “Bees on flowers”. For work we will take a simple white plastic plate, gouache paints, plasticine, pistachio shells, ears of oats, watermelon seeds of different shapes, raspberry stalks, black small beads, thin golden wire, cardboard, scissors, glue, brushes, colorless varnish. However, the natural material can be anywhich only seems handy.
 To work, take
We start by coloring the frame plates in black and yellow" bee "colors, and draw a green background grass and blue sky Lightly draw the leaves.
 color the plate frame
From the watermelon seeds we spread the flowers on the left side of the plate. The combination of seed-petals of different shapes and colors looks beautiful. In the right part we glue dry raspberry stems.
 glue dry raspberry stalks
Glue cardboard bases in the form of raspberry berries to stalks. We slightly tint the flowers from the seeds with gouache: the big ones are dyed red, and the small ones - yellow. Select the leaves brighter.
 Select brighter than the leaves
We make the middle of the flowers from the yellow plasticine and start making plasticine raspberries. To have additional colors and shades do not need to buy a huge package of clay.This material can be mixed as well as paint, achieving the desired color. We need brown. We get it by mixing red (3/4) and black (1/4) clay. Now we form the balls. Each berry requires about 12-13 balls of red clay and about 7-9 of brown. When the right amount is ready, we begin to “pick” berries. To clay to hold better, you can grease the cardboard base with a super glue.  form balls
Turn to making bees. As a basis, take the halves of the pistachio shell. First, we smear yellow clay with a thin layer over the entire surface of the shell, and then make black strips of black clay. We attach the legs, cap and sculpt face. The wings are made of white plasticine, and the antennae are made of thin wire with beads on the ends. In this way we make 7-8 different bees.  We proceed to the manufacture of bees We arrange them on a plate, fixing them on super-glue. Let the bees fly, sit on the berries and collect nectar from the flowers. At the end we arrange the frame with ears of oats. To do this, carefully tear off the seeds from the stem and glue them around the frame.
 decorate the frame with ears of oats
Decorative plate

It remains only to varnish varnish and you can hang it on the wall.
Decorative plate
This decorative plate can not only be made to decorate a children's room, but also be made together with a child, for example, as a craft for school. The baby will definitely enjoy such a colorful and fun composition. [/L_REPEAT]

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