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Plastic bottle basket with crocheted roses

Basket made of plastic bottles
 Basket from a plastic bottle
Plastic bottles, released from their own, become good material for handicrafts or basics. With their help, you can shape, make a shape for a small volume, such as jewelry boxes, baskets, etc. On the basis of a plastic bottle, you can make several different baskets with flowers. For example, rosehip flowers in a basket with a handle. Prepare the following materials and tools: a plastic bottle, green and pink yarn, a crochet hook N4, a sharp knife, scissors, a thermotislet, a needle, a stapler. text: ce - air loop, art. N. - Double crochet, Art. - columns without a crochet.  Basket from plastic bottle
To make the base for the basket, take a plastic bottle of a liter or one and a half liter volume. Cut off the neck with a sharp knife. In the lower part we make notches that will determine the depth of the future basket. Next, we work with scissors. We cut along the contour of the side of the basket, leaving on the sides opposite to each other long segments perpendicularly located to the side. Of them, then the basket handle is formed, so you need to keep them as long as possible. The ends of the segments are joined and fastened with a stapler, then we wind up several layers of adhesive tape to hide the metal stapler bracket.  Basket of plastic bottles
 A basket of plastic bottles
We start knitting. Let's start with tying the basket. We knit a circle for the bottom with a thick crocheted crochet from the columns without a nakid. We try on the base of the bottle, adding columns.After completing a sufficient number of rows so that the bottom is completely closed, we stop adding loops and tie up the plastic base on the sides, lifting the knitting up. The last row should be flush with the side of the PET form.
 Basket from plastic bottle
Next, we knit a strip of st.b.n., the width and length of which will hide the plastic handle i.e. should be twice as wide. We join the strip on the handle, sew it along the entire length and sew to the bottom of the basket.
 Basket from plastic bottle
Basket from plastic bottle We take the leaves. There are patterns of knitting different forms of leaves.
 Basket of plastic bottle
Let's stop at the leaves, knotted on a circle from a closed chain of air loops, which we tie in a circle st. Then vyvyazyvaem petiole and the pointed tip of the leaf. We knit 4 - 5 leaves according to the chosen scheme.To play the color, we apply yarn of different shades of green, getting a thread in several additions.  A basket of plastic bottles
A queue for flowers. We choose as a model of a flower for a basket a twisted rosette that resembles a blooming terry rosehip. The manufacture of such a wild rose flower is a twisting of a knitted strip with the addition of loops.
 Basket of plastic bottle
Recruit a chain of ce. not less than 45 pcs. (must be an odd number of loops), add a loop to rotate the knitting. If the selected yarn is thick enough, such as Karachai acrylic, then the second row can be immediately made air. If the yarn is thinner, then the second row is knitting art. with n. in each loop of the lower row. The air row consists of the alternation of the columns with the crochet and vp: the first three loops are knit sts (for a denser core of the flower), then 2 sts, 2 st . sn. The next row is done with the addition of loops for the volume: 2 items s. in the lower two centrs n., 4 tbsp n. in 2 degreesbottom row.
Basket from a plastic bottle
Twist the resulting strip so that the last knitted row is on top and sew with a needle for knitwear and a thread of the same yarn. Flowers, depending on their size and size of the basket, can be 3, 5.7.
 Basket from plastic bottle
For the top of the basket we knit from any dense yarn a circle that will become basis for attaching a bouquet. We sew it to the side of the knitted part of the basket, completely hiding the plastic base.
 Basket from a plastic bottle
Putting the parts together. We sew or glue with a glue to the middle part of the basket first the leaves, then the flowers.
 Basket from plastic bottle
Basket from plastic bottleIt remains to add small decorating parts: either a few crystals in the form of coarse dew, or a small butterfly or a ladybird. Your basket of rose hips flowers is ready.
 Basket from plastic bottle
 Plastic bottle basket
Basket from a plastic bottle
 Basket from plastic bottle
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