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Basic rules for drying mushrooms

Since ancient times, people are well known for the beneficial properties of mushrooms. Some nations even considered them food of the gods. This is not surprising, because mushrooms are a real storehouse of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and other useful microelements. They are very useful for health, and some of their types are even used to create medicines and promote longevity.

Summer and autumn is the best time to pick mushrooms. Most people like the process of “quiet hunting” itself. After all, there is nothing better than walking through the autumn forest in search of glades strewn with mushrooms.

During the collection of the mushroom harvest, it is very important to be able to recognize safe and poisonous mushrooms. If you have at least a little doubt about what kind of mushroom is in front of you, then you should not take it, as this can result in the appearance of very large health problems for you, and can even cause death. So you need to carefully follow what you put in the basket.

It is very important not only to collect mushrooms properly, but also to store them properly.There are several processing methods. They can be marinated, pickled or dried. The latter method allows you to fully preserve all the beneficial properties and even enhance the taste and smell of your favorite product. In addition, the weight of dried mushrooms is only 10% by weight of raw materials. They take up little space and are very convenient to store.

But not all mushrooms can be dried. So, for example, russula and milk mushrooms are better salted, as they have a bit bitter taste, which can only increase when drying.

The method of storage by drying is most suitable for marsupial and tubular mushrooms. The most popular of them are porcini mushrooms, boletus mushrooms, boletus mushrooms, boletus, honey agaric, chanterelles and morels.

Rules for preparing mushrooms for drying

In order for the dried mushrooms to have the highest quality, you need to know how to properly prepare them for the drying process.

The most important rule is that you should not postpone the processing of mushrooms the next day, as this is a perishable product, and when you wake up in the morning, you may find that your yesterday's “catch” has darkened and is no longer suitable for drying. All types of mushrooms should be processed in the first 3-4 hours after their collection.

First of all, for drying, you need to select only the best copies. They should not have any spots, wormholes, signs of rot, traces of beetles or rodents. Also, over-ripe mushrooms are not suitable for drying.

Then you need to thoroughly clean the raw materials from leaves, soil and dirt. It is not recommended to wash mushrooms, as they quickly absorb moisture, and therefore it will be more difficult to dry them, besides they can become dark due to this. It is best to wipe them with a slightly damp, clean cloth in order to remove dirt from them.

After that, you need to remove the skin from the caps, and cut large specimens into several small pieces. This will help them dry out faster. As a rule, such mushrooms as mushrooms, chanterelles and boletus use only caps for drying. In white mushrooms, mushrooms and pimples, the leg is separated from the cap and cut into several small circles, but it is better to dry the lines and morels entirely.

Drying methods

After you have prepared the raw materials, you can proceed directly to the drying process. At home, dry the mushrooms in several ways:

  • on open air;
  • in a special dryer;
  • in the oven;
  • in the Russian stove.

In order to dry the mushrooms in the first way, they need to be strung on a fishing line or a thin rope. After that, they need to hang out somewhere on the street. Dried mushrooms in sunny windless weather. It is important to remember that they need to be brought into the house at night, since rain or morning dew can soak up mushrooms with moisture, spoiling the entire drying process.

It is quicker and more convenient to dry mushrooms with the help of a special electric dryer “Ezidri”. All you need to do is lay out the raw material in several trays and select the temperature mode.

But if you are not among the avid mushroom pickers, and only occasionally go out into the woods to engage in “quiet hunting”, then there is no need to purchase such a device. Your mushroom harvest can be dried without an electric dryer. All you need is your oven. But before drying the mushrooms in this way, they should first be slightly dried outdoors, and only then sent to the oven, which must be preheated.

Sliced ​​mushrooms must be laid out on a wire rack. If you use a baking sheet, they can be baked. So that the moisture evaporates well,the oven door should always be kept open. The drying process takes about 5-6 hours, with the mushrooms to periodically turn over.

It is also possible to dry the mushroom harvest in the oven, but this method can be used only by people who live in oven-heated houses, and these are now found only in remote villages.


There are several rules to follow when drying mushrooms.

  1. Different types of mushrooms should be dried separately from each other, so as not to mix taste and smell.
  2. In the process of drying, the mushrooms must be positioned so that they do not touch each other. This will help avoid rotting.
  3. It is necessary to sort the raw materials according to the size of the pieces. The less they are, the faster they will dry out.

In order to check the readiness of the product, you need to take the dried mushroom in your hands and mash it a little. If it is elastic and bends well, but it does not break, then your product is absolutely ready. You just have to pack it in a paper or canvas bag, or put it in a glass jar.

You can also grind dried mushrooms into powder that can be added to various dishes. It will give them a peculiar taste and unique aroma.This mushroom powder will be no worse than store seasonings.

We hope that our advice will help you to stock up on your favorite product.

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