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Basic makeup rules for teens

Adolescence is one of the most interesting, but at the same time, exciting and difficult periods of a child’s life. This is the time of growing up, the first love, the desire for independence and self-expression. And to be a faithful friend and support on this path is the task of every parent.

In such a period, almost every girl has a desire to be even more beautiful, to become like a mother or some idol. And this is expressed primarily in the imitation of the image - clothes, hairstyles and makeup. The last talk in more detail.

Tender age

Usually, the first attempts to make a fashionable make-up for girls aged 12-14 end not too successfully. The reason for this is an insufficient amount of experience and inappropriate cosmetics, often borrowed from a mother or older sister.

Therefore, of course, it would be great if mom takes the reins in her hands, and in a friendly way offers her help, so that the result really pleases. We have prepared a few basic rules that should be followed in this case:

1. Departure.If the girl does not have problem skin, then there will be enough cleanser to cleanse the skin of impurities, light cream and scrub, selected strictly according to age. Well, if the composition of such cosmetics will be oils or extracts of tea tree, aloe, chamomile or alternating.

If a child has a rash or acne characteristic of transitional age, then first you should consult a dermatologist, who will select the necessary line of care products.

2.Main kit. In the process of choosing decorative cosmetics important not to overdo it. The optimal set of a young lady can consist of: light powder, a shine of a neutral shade, a concealer (helps to hide minor skin imperfections), a eyebrow pencil, mascara, light shadows.

3. Removal. Remind your daughter that the makeup left for the night is a sure way to clogged pores, and, as a result, rashes, allergies and other troubles. Therefore, another important tool in a young beauty beautician should be makeup remover. Choose hypoallergenic cosmetics that are safe for delicate baby skin.

4. Types.Be sure to tell and show the girl what kind of makeup is, and in which cases this or that variant will be appropriate. To help and reinforce your knowledge, you can take numerous detailed videos and photos.

All on the shelves

Often wanting to look more mature and attractive, girls go for drastic measures, using the brightest lipstick, eye shadow and even false eyelashes at the same time. That is why advice from a loved one is important. We suggest to understand what makeup will be appropriate for a young person, and how to use it correctly:

  • Tonal means. At once we will say that it is worth refusing the tonal basis. Too dense structure will clog pores, which can adversely affect the skin. It is better to prefer light crumbly powder. A great option - with reflective microparticles. For special occasions (party, birthday), you can apply a cream, for example, BB.

For adolescents who have dermatological problems - rashes or acne, you can use an antibacterial concealer that will help disguise these little troubles, and most importantly - will dry them.

It is not bad for owners of fat-type skin to have matting napkins in their arsenal.

  • Eye makeup. What should he be? Ideal - the shadow of light texture pastel shades. For solemn occasions will be appropriate funds with glitter. For girls who really want to draw arrows, you can use a gray or brown pencil. Black will look on a young face too aggressively.

The same goes for carcasses. If the girl agrees only on the darkest shade, then it should be applied with a thin single layer. As for the eyebrows, you can buy fixing transparent gel, as well as tint eyebrows with shadows or a pencil.

How to do this, you can learn by going to a lesson to professional makeup artists, or watching educational videos.

  • Makeup lips. Transparent gloss or balm - what you need at the age of 12-13 years. Older women can afford neutral tones - peach, pink, caramel, beige.

The main rules of makeup for teens - minimalism, naturalness and simplicity. This is how you can emphasize the natural beauty of a girl without spoiling her with any unnecessary accents.

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