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Bag for a gift from the fabric do it yourself

It's always nice to receive gifts for the holidays, and if they are also in a beautiful package, then it's nice to receive them twice. This master class describes in detail how to sew a textile handbag for a gift with your own hands.

What else can you use such small bags of fabric?

For example, for storing jewelry, cosmetics, sachets, storing buttons or ribbons. Some craftswomen make soap with their own hands and a small bag will be an addition to the gift. Give them tea, coffee, nail polish, perfume.

In some stores, when a girl buys jewelry or jewelry, in such bags they are packed at the checkout. Here is a nice addition when buying.

Getting Started to Create a Bag

Materials and tools:

- material tulle (mesh or organza);

- the fabric is dense;

- tailor pins;

- a large pin;

- scissors;

- sewing machine;

- satin ribbon;

- decor: embroidery, lace, beads, buttons or textile flowers;

- lighter (or candle);

Note: if there is no sewing machine, then we sew a textile bag by hand.The threads can be chosen in the color of the fabric, or another color can be used so that there is a contrast.The material of the tulle can be a different color than the main material of the bag. Handbag sizes can be any, depending on the size of the gift.

We cut off a small piece of dense fabric and tulle material: width 15 cm, height 19 cm. We fold them together, fasten with tailors' pins.

From the inner side of the edge from above we retreat about 3–4 cm, bend and pin up with pins. Make it closer to the top or in the middle, so that the pins do not interfere, because you will need to sew.

We put the material under the foot of the sewing machine, sew.

Then we sew a textile bag from the bottom and side. Stitching is not up to the end. Leave a place in the next in this place satin ribbon.

Cut off a small piece of satin ribbon. In this example, it is white. We pin the usual pin with the edge.

We pass a pin with a satin ribbon in the hole on top of the entire handbag.

We melt the edges of the satin ribbon over a candle or with a lighter so that the fabric on the satin ribbon does not split. We make out a handbag from the outside.We sew beads, buttons, embroidery or flowers.

These are the exclusive textile bags can be made at home with minimal cost of what you have at home!

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