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How can a woman love herself and her body?

It is a pity that not everyone understands how important it is to love yourself, completely and completely, without exceptions and excuses. It is also important how well to learn, grow up a decent and prosperous person, start a family and find a prestigious job.

Although, stop, a small amendment. Without love and self-esteem it is difficult to achieve all these life values, because the more often we experience positive emotions, the more attractive and healthier our body becomes, and, therefore, the more interesting we become for the opposite sex.

Success and self-confidence are directly related to the ability to love oneself, to accept all its advantages and disadvantages, extracting from this only positive experience.

How to love yourself and your body? First, do not expect that this will happen too quickly, because if for many years to “program” your consciousness with wrong definitions, then it will be rather easy to take them out. “I have ugly legs,” “full hips,” “crooked nose,” each trying to push themselves into the framework of stereotypes and folded standards of beauty, but is it worth it?

Gives harmony

Have you ever thought about why, when small children are born, they all are touched and it does not occur to anyone to say something like “yuck, what a fat butt” or “what a wrong eye slit!”? In childhood we have always been praised, so where do grown-up children have a fat stomach and a small height? It's all about the standards imposed by society, which we try on ourselves tirelessly.

Remember how many celebrities who do not grab stars from the sky in terms of appearance, even have certain disadvantages, you can say so, but, nevertheless, enjoy rapid popularity from the opposite sex, have amazing self-confidence.

Love yourself

The point is not at all about how your body is and how many “flaws” it has, the main point is how you feel in it, how you hear it. But how to do that? How to hear yourself and accept what you hear? You can, for a start, learn a simple technique: stand in front of a mirror and carefully inspect your body.

Carefully study all the features, note, it is "features", and not "shortcomings". If you can't love what you see, then just try to study, because this is your body and it was given to you once in a lifetime not for self-blame, but for love and prosperity.

Self-love is the most important path in life

If you decide that it is extremely important for you to love yourself, then do not step out of this path, do concrete actions, perhaps at first they will seem strange to you, but do not change your newfound principles.

Self-love, from the point of view of psychology, is the most important foundation on which your whole life is built, as a solid and eternal building that requires constant care and attention. For some reason, some people have formed such an opinion that to love oneself is to be an egotist or a narcissist.

No matter how much you weigh

But this is absolutely not the case: to accept oneself as a person and engage in empty self-admiration of one’s reflection — two absolutely non-intersecting concepts that have a completely different ground of existence.

But even rejecting these stupid thoughts, you will surely say that it is not so easy to love yourself for a woman whose body is far from perfect.

Firstly, self-criticism is always a good chance for self-improvement, and, secondly, before embarking on this process, you must admit to yourself your own peculiarities, accept them as highlights, which require constant attention and refinement.

Imagine how it would be boring to live if all people were the same, stamped robots, even if they are ideal, but which are uninteresting! Due to our peculiarities, we are different, we find in people something new and interesting for ourselves, all these are unique sources for inspiration and improvement.

Love begins with small

With what to begin? Let's return to our first exercise and the mirror. Such a moment is interesting: if you ask a person to call what he doesn’t like in himself, so to speak, “problem areas”, he will quickly find what to answer.

But the opposite question, most often, causes difficulty; a person is far from immediately able to concentrate on those parts of his body that he really likes. Often pay attention to them, look in the mirror and praise, making the feeling of love gradually begin to spread throughout the body.

It is important

There is another interesting point: looking at the early photos that were taken a year or two or three years ago, we often note that then they looked “younger, thinner, more beautiful” - to underline.

But we never think about the fact that at that moment of time there were dozens of shortcomings in ourselves, but now they are invisible to you.If we can please ourselves in the past, then we are able to please ourselves now, it is better to miss this unnecessary link of subjective sensation.

There is one useful and simple advice: be kind to yourself. Stop looking for flaws, scold yourself about trifles, publicly insult your own appearance and constantly endow yourself with negative epithets, “you are stupid”, “you are fat” and so on.

Learn to speak good and kind words to yourself, stop scolding yourself for something you are not able to change, for a crooked nose or for permanent freckles. Believe me, these are not disadvantages at all, they are your special features that are unbearably expensive for someone from around. And for you first!

Take a look around and think about your social circle. Perhaps he is overwhelmed with personalities with whom you are uncomfortable, but you do not find other options for communication, or you may be looking for some benefit from this person. Even if you think that you will not communicate with anyone, it is better to get rid of people who do not bring positive emotions into your life, but rather feed on your energy, taking away your life forces and faith in yourself.

In such an environment, you will never find harmony, but rather on the contrary, you will dig deeper and deeper into the depths of your own self-flagellation, loneliness is better than forcing yourself to a meeting, since it is inconvenient to refuse. Learn to say “No!” To what the soul does not lie. Believe, the place of this unnecessary movement around you, over time, will be replaced by kind and easy people with positive energy, the main thing is to learn how to choose.

And finally, to love yourself and your body, do not forget to pamper him, take care and appreciate. Be sensitive to his signals, indulge in healthy and healthy food, do not save on your own health and beauty, be sure to find time to be alone with yourself and your body.

Learn to calmly accept the fact that over the years our body is transformed, and, over time, fades, everyone goes through it, you can only perceive it differently: look for flaws all your life and suffer about it every day, or just enjoy the moments that we have now.

The choice is yours.

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