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Arifon Retard: instructions for use, price, analogues

"Arifon-Retard" is a drug from the French manufacturer, the company Servier. It has been scientifically proven that its unique composition allows patients of any age group to avoid stroke and heart attack; it is not dangerous for elderly patients with several chronic diseases other than hypertension. But if patients neglect the instructions for use of the drug "Arifon" and the recommendations of the doctor, take the drug without a doctor's prescription, it can cause serious side effects and even be fatal.

How to take "Arifon-Retard"

The drug "Arifon" can be taken on the appointment of cardiologists or therapists. The indications for treatment with it are hypertension, primary or secondary hypertension of the arterial type, caused by endocrine disorders in the body or kidney problems. The basis of the functionality of the drug is its pronounced diuretic effect. Accepted "Arifon", as a rule, according to the following scheme:

  • 1 time per day, in the morning,
  • on 1 tablet, dose adjustment is possible only by a doctor,
  • swallowed whole, washed down with plenty of water
  • the duration of the course is long, until a stable therapeutic effect.

Treatment with the drug "Arifon-Retard" should be accompanied by the supervision of a medical specialist, monitoring of creatinine, the number of platelets in the patient's blood. It is very important to monitor the manifestation of side effects - arrhythmia, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, pronounced drowsiness and apathy, fainting or headache, disruption of the gallbladder or liver should be a reason to cancel therapy.

Price and analogues of the drug "Arifon-Retard"

The original French drug “Arifon-Retard” costs from 260 to 400 rubles in Russian pharmacies, depending on the volume of packaging, the region of sales and the price policy of the pharmacy chain. You can replace it with an analogue with a similar principle of action, but only after consulting a doctor. The doctor may recommend such analogues as

  • Bulgarian medicine "Indipam"
  • Russian Tenzar, Acripamid or Ionic,
  • Indian "Lorvas SR",
  • Slovenian drug "Ravel SR".

When replacing "Arifon" with analogs, it is necessary to check with the attending physician or pharmacist at what pressure to take what dose, carefully read the instructions for its use, strictly follow the therapy regimen.

It is important to understand that hypertensive patients are obliged not only to monitor their blood pressure, but also to follow the principles of healthy eating, especially if therapy is carried out using Arifon-Retard, its analogues. Neglect of these rules not only significantly reduces the effectiveness of drugs against high blood pressure, but it can also be simply dangerous - to provoke active progression of the disease and its serious consequences.


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