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aplasia of the scalp

Hello. My child is a year old. He was born with a small speck on his head. Officially, the diagnosis is “aplasia of the scalp,” but the surgeon in the clinic says that maybe it is caused by a drying of the placenta. In general, the hair does not grow, just a spot of skin on the crown. Can this be somehow eliminated? Whether to wait for adolescence or can and in childhood?


Good afternoon. To get started, contact your child therapist. I am a plastic surgeon and I can not give you the necessary recommendations. If the child was not small, then perhaps you would need advice from the trichologist and special treatment. With all the ensuing examinations and blood tests for hormones.

a guest12.09.17 23:02

Hello. We were recently born and we also have aplasia on the back of the head. Did you make an MRI? What do they say, how does the Kid develop?

Hello. No one says anything, but for some reason it is advised to be seen by a dermatologist. I am not led to this, the boy is developing normally, just on the top of his head is a bald spot, it does not itch, does not peel off, does not show itself and does not interfere with life. The problem, then, is simply aesthetic.But if your child is at the back of the head, then in general, garbage, I think, other hair will successfully hide it.


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