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Are such polaroid cameras sold now?

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Answered on November 27, 2014 9:16 PM
Of course. This method is interesting now. True to the market, you can find superfluous photomics of the two companies, the same Polaroid and Fuji. The rest didn’t grow together because of any patents ... By the way, the palaroids are no longer the same as before, more advanced. For example, their z340e can no longer immediately release pictures, but also saves them to the card. There is a display. It has become more convenient, you can preview in advance if there are photos with fingers in the frame or with eyes closed — not like before))) Or a lot of photos and only print the most interesting frames later. Still modern moments can add effects and make all sorts of kolazhi. Fujiki is a bit cheaper - for example, 7S instaks mini is only about 3 and a half thousand worth ... and there are less functions in it, of course.

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