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Is he real? Sedokova showed unnatural press

The star published a snapshot on Instagram in the top and microsports and showed her pumped up figure.

Recently, all the girls in the world literally “got sick” with the perfect press. Watching the lean and pumped up models, everyone began to play sports and eat right. And many celebrities decided to keep up with ordinary girls and also began to publish their slim and elastic bodies on Instagram. The other day, singer Anna Sedokova decided to share with her subscribers another snapshot. To make the figure in the photo more noticeable, the star decided to wear the “smallest” clothes that she had - top and micro-shorts.

July 5, 2018 at 1:12 PDT

The picture immediately catches the eye of the perfect press, but it looks rather strange: the oblique muscles of the press are pumped on one side only, but the rectus abdominis muscles are not pumped at all.

Not all Sedokova fans noticed a trick, so they began to write that the star looks great, and even asked how to pump such a steel press.

In her interviews to the glossy publications, Sedokov has repeatedly admitted that she loves to run, do yoga, Pilates and, of course, dance. All this helps her to stay in great shape.

View from the outside

Alika Zhukova, beauty editor:

- Now, in fact, everyone dreams of an ideal press, perhaps many girls think that this is how they look more attractive and sexier. However, most men like women to have a more feminine belly, and not in cubes. Many doctors and psychologists hold the same opinion, explaining that the female figure was not created for the inflated press. But do not think that this is a great excuse for playing sports, you just need to do everything in moderation. Each time, overloading your body with daily strength or cardio exercises, you experience real stress, not only physiological, but also psychological. Constant striving for the development and improvement of sporting achievements is fraught with fanaticism.

That is why it is not necessary to torture yourself with workouts, but to attend classes in yoga, Pilates, body ballet - these workouts will help create more feminine forms, but at the same time the body will be fit and elastic.


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