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An example of stars: with what to wear a shirt to be stylish

Olivia Palermo, Megan Markle, Alex Chang, Reese Witherspoon - the most stylish celebrities cannot imagine their wardrobe without a concise and versatile shirt. And for good reason!

Stylists and fashion experts have repeatedly said that a shirt is a key subject of a basic wardrobe, without which it is quite difficult to assemble a harmonious set. Agree, it is much easier to make ensembles with simple things and get a guaranteed result in the form of an ideal image. Sure, you already got a couple of cool shirts of various styles and silhouettes. Now it remains to learn how to wear them so that any style icon will envy!

What to wear with a shirt: photo
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With shorts.For a strict business image fit tweed shorts or shorts made of thick cotton. An excellent pair for them will be a minimalist shirt with short sleeves, sitting exactly on the figure. It does not have to fit the body tightly - just sit like a glove.A set in the style of casual definitely will not do without a shirt in the style of oversize, as they say, with a slight touch of "poverty." Torn denim shorts will fall in such a case.

With pants.Both with jeans, and with chinos, and with classic skinny pants, a simple white shirt as if from a man’s shoulder would look perfect. You can choose the volume at your discretion: the main thing is that the silhouette is truly “male”. Straight cut and chest pocket are welcome. If you want to have fun, choose a shirt with a colorful tropical print. With "boyfriends" and kyulota this will be combined by five plus!

With a skirt.The shirt fits very well with a pencil skirt. The image is strict and at the same time very sexy. Any shirt is suitable for such a set: classic, in a romantic style and even from denim.


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