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High mood all day? Easily! - 10 jokes about the elevator


Screenshot from the film “Hotel Grand Budapest”

Walking the stairs is certainly good and very useful - a pile of muscles works, calories are burned like at the stake of the Inquisition, and the figure is slimming and pulling. But sometimes I do not want to strain myself so much! Push your body into the elevator, and let it carry there, to his country ... uh ... laziness? On the desired floor, in general.

And let somewhere elevators are clean and with mirrors, and our atmosphere sometimes leaves much to be desired, we are somewhere on the path to success. And the elevator workers, invisible, and sometimes not audible lifters and dispatchers, help in this. But if the tablets "Does not work" periodically not only appear, but also disappear, it means, not for nothing that lifters are devoted to the whole day. February 1 in Russia is celebrated Day of the elevator worker.


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