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Ageratum: planting and growing

Ageratum: planting and growingAgeratum, the planting and cultivation of which requires certain knowledge, is an excellent plant, brought to us from Central America. It belongs to the Aster family and has about 60 species worldwide. Translated from the Greek, "ageratum" means "ageless." This name is assigned to the plant because of its long flowering.

The plant is a shrub with many bright flowers, like small asters. Fluffy flowers are found in blue, mauve, pink, white and blue. The height of the stems ranges from 10 to 60 centimeters.
Growing ageratum in his homeland is not particularly difficult. However, in the climatic conditions of Russia it is rather difficult to create the necessary conditions for a flower. The most common in our latitudes are annual species of this culture.

The most popular for the flower ageratum planting - by sowing seeds.Only professional gardeners cope with saplings, as they require more laborious care.

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Ageratum: landing

You need to sow seeds at the end of March in the greenhouse. The optimal composition of the soil is the equal ratio of peat, sand and humus. It is possible to plant in the open soil of the ageratum, but only at the end of May, since the plant needs heat. Cold earth and air will not allow flowers to ascend at all, or they will die very quickly afterwards. The seeds of the ageratum are very small, therefore, sprinkle them with earth after planting should be carefully, only slightly.Ageratum: planting and growing

It is important to monitor a good level of soil moisture. However, there is also no need to overdo it. It is best from time to time to spray the soil with water and cover the box with the seed film. For successful shoots, the air temperature should be within 15-16 degrees.

Ten days after sowing you can see the first shoots. As soon as this happens, the film should be removed. When they have the first pair of leaves to grow, you need to start planting them. Tightening with a pick is not worth it, as ageratums develop fairly quickly, and soon the flowers will interfere with each other.If the bushes grow too densely between themselves, their flowering will be sluggish and late.Ageratum: planting and growing

Agerantum, planted in open soil only in the last days of May and June, requires regular watering and good lighting. The ground must be drained and not too acidic. Before transplanting it must be well loosened. The wells should be located approximately at a distance of twenty centimeters.

Ageratum: care in the process of growing

Care of flowers involves the following items:

  • watering as needed. As soon as the soil begins to dry, it should be moistened, but avoid over-wetting;
  • to carry out feeding is necessary once in seven days. Mineral fertilizers or a mullein infusion are suitable as fertilizers. No need to fertilize the plants more often, because then there will not be an active flowering;
  • Pruning is another important point in growing the Ageratum. To flowers were lush, trim the tops, but leave a few internodes near the base.

Ageratum: planting and growing

To save the plants during the frost period, they must be transplanted into a greenhouse or greenhouse. After the onset of spring cuttings can take root in a mixture of sand and earth.

Pests and diseases of the ageratum

The difficulties that can be encountered in the process of growing ageratum:

  • mold growth. The leaves begin to darken, and a complete fungus infection occurs. In this case, the diseased plant should be removed so that it does not infect the rest. To prevent the development of the disease during watering, you should try not to get moisture on the leaves;
  • light leaves. This disease manifests itself in the form of brightened leaves, and the plant gradually stops its growth.

Ageratum: planting and growing

The reason is excessively low air temperature or too early landing in open ground. Preventing this problem will be avoided. To do this, periodically put the plants in boxes on the street before planting. Place better in the shade, and at night put into the heat.Ageratum: planting and growing

If everything is done correctly and attentive to such a wonderful plant as ageratum, planting, care and reproduction will not cause difficulties, and the flowers will surely delight you with their beauty and pleasant aroma for a long time.


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