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Advantages of air conditioners Midea

The company successfully presents its products abroad and is one of the largest exporters in China. Midea engineers and designers provide the brand with primacy in the market of household appliances in several categories, including among manufacturers of modern inverter air conditioners. The brand is engaged in the creation of not only home climate systems, but also supplies professional equipment to equip commercial facilities and public institutions. An example of success in this direction can be considered a joint Sino-Brazilian enterprise Midea Carrier. It is this company that won the tender for the supply of air conditioners for the recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. To assess the intellectual and production potential of the Asian brand, it is worthwhile to consider in more detail the dynamics of the company's development over the past few years. The first part of our article will be an analysis of the success of Midea in the market of household appliances. The second is a review of innovations and original technologies,which the brand uses when creating air conditioners for the home, split systems for offices and professional HVAC equipment.

Midea in the world of technology

Air conditionersThe story of the rapid development of the company began in 1968, the leadership of Midea was able to turn a modest regional manufacturer into a leader in the Asian market of home appliances. In 2013, for example, the brand managed to sell air conditioners and other devices worth more than $ 18 billion. Experts call the company one of the fastest growing. Success came to the brand after upgrading production lines and hiring new foreign specialists to develop solutions within the framework of the “smart home” concept. Today, the state employs 130,000 people who work in dozens of branches around the world. In the past couple of years alone, several large manufacturing enterprises have been opened in Germany, Italy and Japan. In 2016, the Midea brand ranks first in terms of sales in 7 categories on the world market of home appliances (5 in Chinese). Among the most sought-after brand solutions and air conditioners.

Air conditioner technology Midea

There is nothing surprising that brand development is so popular among consumers. The company has the most modern production and technical and research base. Midea employs world-class engineers. Their ideas help to create modern air conditioners and climate systems with intelligent control. These are powerful, but at the same time economical and compact units. Today, buyers all over the world are interested in effective solutions for home and rational technologies. Midea specialists can offer them a model range of modern household appliances that meets all the requirements.

The Chinese brand has extensive experience in the development of air conditioning systems for homes, offices and trading rooms. Midea is a leading global provider of HVAC solutions. There are several distinctive advantages that distinguish Midea air conditioners on the background of equipment for ventilation and heating from other brands.

First of all, these are high rates of power and performance against the background of rational energy consumption. The secret is the use of modern motor systems with the highest efficiency among analogues.The second advantage is the low noise level, which was achieved thanks to the high-quality insulation of all body parts using an innovative polymer material.

Modern air conditioners from Midea differ amazing functionality. Such universal household appliances can not only cool the air, but also heat, ionize, clean and even moisten it. The list of features depends on the characteristics of a particular model.

The best models from the manufacturer

Air conditionersThe range of branded products includes low-cost models of home appliances and premium category devices, home solutions and office units. It is better to study the characteristics and read about the functions of each model of the Midea conditioner on the site of the profile online store. In our article we can only briefly mention the distinctive features and the most noticeable advantages. Devices from the Chinese brand use effective air purification systems Fresco Tech, Plasma, Bio and Silver Ion. They are equipped with carbon, antiseptic and electrostatic filters, ionizers and humidifiers. Inverter split systems provide smooth power setting and precise control of a given temperature.These are the most modern and energy-efficient climate control devices of the samples on the market today. Software microprocessor control module allows you to fully automate the process of cleaning and air conditioning.


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