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Acting skills

I am a very energetic girl, I do not like to sit still. I want to do something, so I doubt between dancing and acting. Maybe someone knows a good studio in St. Petersburg?
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Answered on February 9 13:12
I was engaged in Latin dances before marriage, I really liked it. Now there is not enough time, we set up a family nest. How to get free will definitely continue.
Answered February 9 13:17
In childhood, and dancing, and acting skills involved. Now I am studying at the institute, once, and not yet pulling. What do you have the soul of those and start to do.
Irina Krichkovskaya
Irina Krichkovskaya
Answered February 9 13:26
Our girlfriend will soon have a birthday, she always dreamed of playing Juliet. We want to help develop her acting skills, it is wonderful when a person wants to develop and improve himself.

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