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96 part Habitat - What the doctor ordered

Habitat - What the doctor orderedHabitat - What the doctor ordered

Health. Today it is bought and sold. Drug prices are increasing every day. One and the same drug can cost 15 and 150 rubles. Where does this difference come from? Is it true that expensive drugs are better than cheap ones? And where do the right vitamins?


Prices.They say health is priceless. But each disease has its own very specific value. To see this, simply look at the pharmacy shelves. Cough medicine costs from 20 to 300 rubles. From a cold you can be treated both for 8 and for 250 rubles. Allergy medications, as they say, for any wallet, from 50 to 500 rubles. Why such a difference in prices? And is it worth buying the ones that are more expensive?


Manufacturers have learned by deft hand movements to turn ordinary cheap medicine into expensive ones. This is done so. To a standard drug, such as glycine or paracetamol, add a new component, say ascorbic acid, and sell 10 times more expensive.As an experiment, "Habitat" came up with its drug "Obitasredin" - an innovative sedative, which has no analogues in the technology of creation, helping to cope with depression, aggression and nervous tension. In fact, inside the ordinary valerian - just for her invented a new name and advertising slogan: "Obitasredin - like grandmother's fairy tales." An advertising campaign was arranged in the shopping center. Girls promoters handed out advertisements at the entrance. Right in the middle of the shopping center, a medical office was organized in which the neuropathologist conducted reception, and also the correspondent of the “Habitat” program in combination. Next to the neurologist's office is the pharmacist's stand.


"Obitasredin" is expensive, but it is not simple, but innovative, and even designed according to the most advanced technologies. What do these words mean? Nobody really knows. But it sounds solid. Still, this is “not just an extracted substance - it is synthesized using a special formula that allows you to more quickly affect the human nervous system”! In just one hour, Habitat sold several packs of valerian for 240 rubles and 4 more bubbles for 120 rubles.In the nearest pharmacy, valerian costs 20 rubles and is taken infrequently. After the end of the experiment all the money was returned to customers in vain.


Do you think that selling at exorbitant prices the most common cheap medicine is Habitat know-how? Not at all. Go to the nearest major pharmacy. On the shelves in the hall you will not find a single cheap traditional medicine. For example, glycine - 75 rubles per pack. Folic acid - 315 rubles, the same valerian can be found for 97 rubles. But if you ask the pharmacist, then there is all the same, but for 20-25 rubles per pack. The fact is that manufacturers add to the traditional medicines a small amount of vitamins or extracts of herbs, such as mint or melissa, and register the drug as a new, improved medicine. The price of it, too, put an improved, that is overvalued.


Remember: the pharmacy is not a supermarket, there are no cheap drugs in a visible place. Ask the pharmacist if there is a cheap valerian or, for example, glycine. Most likely, the drug will be in stock.


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