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9 most hilarious jokes for the warmth in the soul and the sparkle in the eyes!

February frosts struck with a new force on the classics of the genre: well, the winter does not want to give up their familiar positions! And she didn’t want to spit that the spring was planned early this year, and the cold and snow themselves didn’t become disgusting except for the Eskimos. Now you would sit at home, wrapped in a plaid, watch an interesting series, and not this is all!


Photo source: pixabay.com

But stop being sad! By the way, on February 26, the World of Original People celebrates the Day of Hugs with Strangers. No, but what? Somehow need to bask!

Anyway, who does not like hugs? This is a great mood for you and for the one you are hugging! Endofins and all that jazz ... Just be careful: 20 seconds of strong embraces cause inexplicable trust in women, and we are responsible for those who have been tamed.

And also for the warmth in the soul and the release of the hormones of joy, our jokes are perfect for you.


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