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8 best primers for the face

Someone thinks that buying a primer is money for the wind, and someone can not normally apply makeup when this means is not at hand. What do the primers actually do, can we manage without them and which ones should I pay attention to?

What is it for?

Many people confuse the primer with the usual face cream. But these are two completely different products. The primer, like the cream, can have caring properties (moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory), but its main action is to prepare the skin for make-up. With its help, problem areas are hidden, the tone is leveled, imperfections are eliminated, the skin is matted, pores are narrowed and even wrinkles are filled. Thanks to a good primer, make-up does not flow and does not roll down throughout the day, even if you fall under rain, and it will be unbearably hot outside or in the room. However, if it is wrong to choose a base or to use it incorrectly, it will roll down, and cosmetics will lie in pieces, unevenly. In fact, the primer should be quite a bit, it should cover the skin with a thin, weightless layer.It is recommended not to shade the product with finger pads, but with a thick brush with a thick pile, then no transitions will definitely be visible on the skin.

In the same way as the correctors for the face, the primers are available in different colors. For example, yellow and pink perfectly hide dark circles under the eyes; lilac and violet refresh the complexion, eliminating earthiness and traces of fatigue; bruises can be covered in orange; white and blue - whiten freckles, age spots and just brighten the skin; green primers are designed for problem skin - they can be used to mask inflammation, irritation and redness.

Depending on the consistency of the primer, it will also have its effect and be intended for different skin structures. A solid base perfectly conceals the post-acne, scars, ruts and scars. Gel-like drugs tighten the pores well, so they are ideal for owners of porous skin. Primer in the form of a dense cream ideally masks redness, pigmentation and freckles. Liquid bases do not eliminate defects, but give the skin a matte finish and tone. Having several primers in your cosmetic bag, you, like a professional make-up artist,can create an ideal make-up and cope with all the imperfections of the skin.

Best primers

Acti'Mine, Givenchy

The lightweight texture of the primer with a slight effect of a shimmer refreshes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and thanks to the ultraviolet protection of the SPF 15, you can not worry about photoaging. The agent is presented in 6 different shades, each of which has its own purpose. Milk refreshes and brightens; Strawberry attaches a healthy glow; Kiwi masks redness, rosacea and acne; Plum neutralizes yellowness of the skin; Mango is suitable for girls with swarthy and tanned skin; Peach is a universal primer. Expense for each base is economical, so it will last for a long time.

Primer Acti'Mine, Givenchy, shade of Kiwi

Acti'Mine primer, Givenchy, Kiwi shade (2,570 rubles)

Angel Veil Skin, NYX

This democratic primer is suitable for girls with normal and combination skin. The texture is silky, almost weightless. Primer does not clog pores, mattes fat areas, gives a slight shine. In seconds, the base transforms the skin, making it smooth, even and healthy. With the help of this primer, the relief is well leveled, fine wrinkles are filled, pores are narrowed, signs of fatigue are eliminated and a dull tone appears. As a result, you get the skin with the real effect of Photoshop, but you won't have to wield the mouse.By the way, Angel Veil Skin is perfect for the summer period: it can be used as the primary means for normalizing sebum production and eliminating glossiness.

Primer Angel Veil Skin, NYX

Primer Angel Veil Skin, NYX (1 200 rub.)

Photo Finish Mattify Primer Stick, Smashbox

The state-of-the-art primer in a silky-textured stick is easy to apply, providing a perfectly even coating and masking any skin imperfections. Convenient packaging and simple application method allow you to take a primer with you - it can be applied over makeup, instantly eliminating oily shine. The tool controls the production of sebum for 12 hours, while not causing neither dryness, no flaking, no irritation. Photo Finish Mattify Primer Stick is distributed on the skin by patting fingers, does not clog pores and for a long time retains perfect makeup.

Primer Photo Finish Mattify Primer Stick, Smashbox

Primer Photo Finish Mattify Primer Stick, Smashbox (2 990 rub.)

Vitamin Enriched Face Base, Bobbi Brown

This is not just a primer - it is a leveling cream for the face, which has the best properties of the base and the caring agent. An innovative formula with shea butter, vitamins B, C and E, grapefruit, carrot and geranium extracts provides long-lasting hydration, gives the skin softness, elasticity and freshness.With daily use of the foundation cream, the structure and appearance of the skin is significantly improved, and fine wrinkles are smoothed out. In addition to its caring properties, the primer ideally prepares the face for makeup, eliminating minor imperfections in appearance. But to mask the serious shortcomings of this cream is not suitable.

Primer Vitamin Enriched Face Base, Bobbi Brown

Primer Vitamin Enriched Face Base, Bobbi Brown (4 520 rub.)

Pore ​​Refining Primer, NARS

The ideal base for makeup light texture, which not only masks, but eliminates any imperfections. Primer significantly narrows the pores, absorbs surplus sebum, regulating the appearance of fatty shine, and also prevents the formation of acne and comedones due to the antibacterial ingredients included in the composition. Pore ​​Refining Primer levels the texture of the skin, conceals post-acne and stains, ensures a uniform tonal application, gives the skin a haze and radiance.

Primer Pore Refining Primer, NARS

Primer Pore Refining Primer, NARS (1 399 rub.)

Beauty Fresh Balm, Clarins

Low-fat and weightless primer acts instantly, erases all traces of fatigue from the face and gives the skin a natural radiance. After applying the base, the effect of the film is not felt, wrinkles seem to be smoothed out, the skin is significantly tightened, and the face looks rested and rejuvenated. The extracts of olive and rice which are part of the product penetrate deep into the epidermis, moisturizing and soothing the skin.The persistence of make-up thanks to Beauty Fresh Balm is almost tripled. The only primer is not suitable for oily skin, since it does not absorb sebum, but on the contrary, enhances its secretion.

Primer Beauty Fresh Balm, Clarins

Primer Beauty Fresh Balm, Clarins (2,530 rub.)

Illuminating Primer, Tom Ford

This primer is the best among those that give the skin a natural glow and glow. Still, after all, the creators of the beauty product were inspired by the twinkling of the face in the rays of the sun before sunset. The base has a delicate peach color with pearl tints and is suitable for absolutely all skin types, plus it gives the face a beautiful shade of natural tan. Thanks to the reflective particles, the primer can be used not only under makeup, but also after its application, saving on highlighter. Bonus: the base moisturizes the skin, eliminates peeling, refreshes the tone and evens out the relief. Of the minuses - the price and a pronounced smell, which is not everyone likes.

Primer Illuminating Primer, Tom Ford

Primer Illuminating Primer, Tom Ford (price on request)

Refining Makeup Primer, Shiseido

Perfect in every sense base under makeup, no odor. Creamy, weightless texture, does not create a mask effect. The primer smoothes the skin, improves its tone, narrows enlarged pores, fills fine wrinkles. After application, the skin looks healthy, clean, radiant, hydrated and well-groomed.Thanks to the primer, the freshness of the makeup is preserved throughout the day. Suitable for use without the subsequent application of the foundation.


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