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72 actresses have lived one life and a half minutes

It was unusual for talented Japanese cinematographers to combine social video and confectionery advertising in one video. Performing the order of the food brand Glico, they invited as many as 72 actresses for one role. The age of each of them corresponded to the age in which their heroine was at that time, from birth to 72 years.

This figure was not chosen by chance. This is what (71.8) was the average life expectancy of a Japanese woman in 2018, having doubled compared with 1918 (then this figure was 31).

Appearing from the first seconds of the video, the baby in her eyes turns into a young girl, woman, grandmother.

In running through the frames of the life of the usual average Japanese women unobtrusively flash various sweets produced by the company.

The video ends with the death of the character, but this is not a tragic ending. The video is saturated with the idea that this woman lived a healthy, happy, life with taste.

This example of Japanese creative thought is a reminder to all of us how valuable each moment is while we are alive.


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