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7 best tools to strengthen the nails

Beautiful and healthy nails - the dream of each of us. But units can boast of the fulfillment of this dream. We have chosen 7 products that will help to strengthen the nails and make them more healthy, and also asked for some tips on manicure care from the expert of the Orly brand Irina Savchenko.

Irina Savchenko

Irina Savchenko,
Orly brand training manager

- Layering nail plate, brittle, fragile or soft nails - the problem of every second girl. To avoid this, do not forget that any problem is easier to prevent than to deal with it. Therefore, take care of prevention: from time to time, namely in the spring and autumn, conduct courses on strengthening nails using special preparations, and also review your diet, because it directly affects your nails and appearance in general.

Choosing the means for nail care, give preference to professional cosmetics - the effect will be more noticeable. As part of the products look for vegetable oils (nourish and moisturize), protein (protects and strengthens the nail plate),protein (glues nail flakes and “seals” the free edge), vitamins A and E (nourish and stimulate growth). It should also be remembered that the pledge of beautiful and healthy nails lies in constant care for them, and not in one-time procedures, and it is more efficient to use means for strengthening and restoring the nail plate.

BB cream for nails from Orly

BB-cream from Orly for nails does the same as BB-cream for the face - first of all it masks the flaws, visually aligning the nail plate and giving it a translucent peach shade. The tool dries quickly and does not have a pungent odor that can irritate the most sensitive persons. The composition of the product is hyaluronic acid, which levels the surface of the nail, and vitamin C, which has an antioxidant effect.

BB-cream for nails Orly

Orly BB-cream for nails (595 rubles)

Organic Planeta Organica Hand and Nail Oil

A real find for owners of dry and exfoliated nails. Organic oil from Planeta Organica nourishes and protects the nails, and at the same time softens the cuticle and the skin of the hands. In the composition - vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant, and vitamin F, which strengthens the nail plate. The oil has a pleasant and unobtrusive aroma of almonds.It is better to use the tool at night or at a time when you can sit for 20 minutes and do nothing so as not to smear surrounding objects with oil.

Organic Planeta Organica Hand and Nail Oil

Organic oil for hands and nails Planeta Organica (161 rub.)

Keratine Nail Mask RescueRXx from CND

A tool that in 4 weeks will indeed restore even those nails that seemed to have no chance to become beautiful and healthy again. The keratin mask, which has a rather dense texture, deeply nourishes and intensively restores the nail plate. At the base is jojoba oil, which penetrates into the nail plate, nourishing and conditioning, and keratin, which remains on the surface, strengthening the nails and protecting them from the harmful effects of the environment. When passing the course, it is recommended to use the tool every day, for the time being having refused to cover with varnish.

Keratine Nail Mask RescueRXx from CND

RescueRXx keratin mask for nails from CND (1 506 rub.)

IBX Famous Names Repairing Nails

Another miracle remedy that will save even the most “dead” nails is IBX Famous Names coating. What is so special about him? Firstly, the result (although not so bright at first) is noticeable after the first application.Secondly, the tool works on several fronts at once: it strengthens and nourishes, accelerates growth, fights the problem of peeling nails, and also reduces the appearance of white spots.

IBX Famous Names Repairing Nails

Recovering means for nails Famous Names from IBX (1 769 rub.)

Miracle Cure Nail Enhancer by Sally Hansen

The tool for strengthening very problematic nails will help to restore your nails at home. The product glues the exfoliated layers of the nail plate, and also penetrates into the existing cracks, leveling the surface and courting from the inside. The product can be used both independently and as a base for varnish. It has a light texture (not as thick as that of ordinary varnish) and on the nail plate leaves a barely noticeable shine, resembling a protective film.

Miracle Cure Nail Enhancer by Sally Hansen

Miracle Cure Nail Strengthener by Sally Hansen (645 rub.)

The basis for the growth of nails Essie Help Me Grow

Transparent coating Essie Help Me Grow actively stimulates the growth of nails. It can be used both as a base for lacquer and as an independent coating, which gives the nails a delicate shine and healthy look. As part of - vitamins A, C and E, which nourish and restore the nail plate.

The basis for the growth of nails Essie Help Me Grow

Basis for the growth of nails Essie Help Me Grow (545 rub.)

OPI Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy Firming

OPI coating is a real find for owners of sensitive and peeling nails. After applying the product, the nails become more elastic and healthy looking. In the composition - vitamin E, aloe extract and Australian nut oil. It is better to use the tool yourself, at the time of abandoning the usual varnish.


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