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5 things that make a woman older

Stylish and fashionable clothes, bought in an expensive boutique - are far from a guarantee that you will look stunning in it. Blindly following fashion or exclusively personal preferences, many girls risk looking ridiculous and visually throw themselves a couple of years. What things spoil the wardrobe, and what you need to forget forever?

Things are taboo

To look spectacular, young and fashionable, it is worth conducting a thorough audit in the closet. Here are five things you need to get rid of without delay.

  1. Over-size clothing. It is convenient and practical, but not always beautiful. Such things look great on girls with perfect parameters. And in the case of short stature, a disproportionate figure or overweight, they will make the contours of the body even more diffuse and voluminous.
  2. Neon colors. It would seem that just such shades give the image of lightness, carelessness and help to seem younger. But in fact, everything turns out to be exactly the opposite. Playful leggings, bows, ruffles, short dress in the style of baby-doll will make an even greater emphasis on your age. This category should also include things with bright, variegated prints.
  3. Long skirt.No matter how fashionable it is, be prepared for the fact that in it you will look older by a few years. Such clothes visually make the figure heavy, and the image - old-fashioned. The best option is long - a few centimeters below the knee.
  4. Things are black and earthy shades. Olive, marsh, khaki - they all give the skin an unhealthy, pale shade. Black in the right combinations can look very advantageous on a woman of any age. But if this tone prevails in your image, then the overall look automatically becomes tired.
  5. Rhinestones, cheap jewelry, rivets. All these accessories are not always appropriate, even in the wardrobe of a teenage girl. A woman who has decided to give her bow a rich look and shine will look at least ridiculous. The cheapness of these supplements is very striking, drawing even more attention to your age. In this case, it is better to abandon the jewelry at all, than to try to create the image of a rich lady. And glitter rhinestones prefer shine in the eyes of confidence in their beauty.

Age is not a sentence at all. Competently and correctly approaching the issue of choosing basic things, you will be able to create many fashionable images that highlight your strengths and hide flaws.Forget about the things that are aging you, and always be attractive!

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