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19 cases when children realized that their parents were much cooler than they

Who would not want to live in the 70s and 80s? However, we often forget that our parents grew up at the time where we now want to be, and were the founders of many trends. Recently, the network is gaining increasing popularity of photos, looking at which it becomes obvious that our parents were the coolest!

1. "My mother ran a tank, 1984"

2. “My mother skated without shoes, 1974”

3. "My father on a motorcycle, 60s"

4. "My father molds a mother's bust, 1980's"

5. "My 16-year-old mother and her Camaro in 1975"

6. “My father shows the Ku Klux Klan member everything he thinks of them, 1985”

7. "My father was 100 times cooler than me (1980)"

8. "My father was filming for the cover of the magazine about surfers. Peru, 1977

9. "My father's stunts, 1977"

10. “I found a photo of my father doing a barbecue on the surface of a submarine”

11. “My father’s first car was a 1939 Ford, he bought it with his own money, which he earned on the farm; he was 11 when my father bought a car "

12. "Two boxes of beer and a monocycle - my dad in the 80's"

13. “A picture of my dad in the 70s.Father of four children - he's incredibly cool "

14. “My mom took a selfie before it became fashionable (1989)”

15. "Photo of my mom with a puppy. Alaska"

16. "My parents on their wedding day, 1980"

17. “My father is a math teacher, 70s”

18. "My father and his cousins. Sorry, I'm not as cool as my dad



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