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10 vegetable juices to help you get rid of many diseases

Spring avitaminosis, autumn blues, hibernation? Freshly prepared juices will help you fill up the body with the missing elements. They are very quickly absorbed by the body, and their energy resources nourish and restore cells, tissues, glands and organs. About the benefits and methods of cooking vegetable juices Wday.ru told Natalia Savva - a clinical psychologist, a specialist in nutritional management.

Vegetable juices - body healers

They are called so because they contain all the mineral salts, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that a person needs. If you want to deliver all this to your body, then do the juices yourself and drink them in their natural form without adding preservatives or flavors.

You can, of course, just chew cucumber and crunch carrots, but solid food is digested longer and the body needs more energy to do this.

Make it a rule to add a glass of freshly prepared vegetable juice to your snacks and lunches.

Drink juice preferably an hour before meals, starting with small doses - 50-100 ml 2−3 times a day. Over time, when the body gets used to the new diet, the amount of juice drunk per day should be at least 600 ml. However, do not forget that all this is individual.

Such juice consumption is considered prophylactic, but at the same time the contaminated fluids in the body (blood, lymph and others) are renewed. And in two months you will feel like a really healthy person.

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Recipes and their usefulness

First recipe

Sore throat, fell immunity? Carrots, celery and spinach will help.

Carrots - 150 g, celery - 120 g, spinach - 90 g, parsley - 60 g

Second recipe

An attack of allergies? Is your skin red and itchy? Without a cucumber can not do.

Carrots - 300 g, beets - 90 g, cucumber - 90 g

Third recipe

Tortured insomnia? Nervous stress keeps you awake? The best medicine is grapefruit juice and vegetables.

Carrots - 150 g, celery - 120 g

Fourth recipe

Thinnest hair? Hair fell out for no reason?

Carrots - 270 g, fennel - 30 g

The fifth recipe

Heaviness in the legs, tired, varicose veins? You can make a one-component juice from spinach or ...

Carrots - 300 g, spinach - 180 g

Recipe Six

Headache? Is spinning?

Carrots - 240 g, spinach - 90 g, lettuce - 150 g

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Recipe seventh

Painful women's days?

Carrots - 270 g, alfalfa - 60 g

Recipe eighth

Stomach problems? Is the ulcer sharpened? Only one way out - to drink potato juice.

Recipe ninth

What day is the minor mood? Hands down and the light is not nice? Melancholy took in their grip? Add to a good rest and physical exertion a daily glass of juice.

Carrots - 270 g, celery - 60 g

Recipe tenth

Planning motherhood? Concerned about the condition of the skin, nails, teeth, hair? Pay your attention to white cabbage juice. It is also indicated for high cholesterol, gout and gallstone disease.

Never salt it. Otherwise it will become useless. You can already add lemon juice or a teaspoon of honey to the finished mixture.

Instructions for use

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Juicer will help to keep a maximum of useful substances in the juice. Prepared juice should be drunk immediately.

You will need ripe, intact vegetables, fruits, leaves, or stems. First you need to wash them thoroughly under running water.Root vegetables should be cleaned with a brush, and leaf vegetables should be held in brine for at least 15 minutes. Be sure to remove the peel from those fruits that can not be processed with the peel, and wash again.

It is better to start falcification with homogeneous juices, and if you are preparing mixed juice, follow the compatibility rules, for example, beets, carrots and radishes, or apples and tomatoes, pineapples and celery.

Any treatment, even a prophylactic one, has its contraindications, therefore, for the answer to the question: “Vegetable juices are good or harm” Wday.ru turned to the candidate of medical sciences, Dr. Valery Romatsky.
Valery Romatsky

1. Vegetable juices are often used to quench their thirst. However, our cell needs more clean water. Therefore, if you want to drink - drink water, and if you want a tasty one, you can eat fruit. Just to drink juice now became fashionable, and you ask, is it fashionable for the body?

2. The therapeutic function of vegetable juices has not yet been proven; therefore, it is better to engage in prevention: to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and regularly and drink enough water.

3. Do not allow drinking vegetable juices in the morning, especially on an empty stomach.Juices should not be drunk in a concentrated form, but diluted by 1/2 with water.

4. You can mix vegetables with fruit, for example, add carrots to apple-banana smoothie, 2-3 tbsp. spoons of sugar for 1 liter, a little white yogurt and put in the freezer, previously divided into portions, so you get a low-calorie ice cream.

5. In vegetable juice, it is desirable to add a little fat (vegetable or animal-vegetable oil or white yogurt). This contributes to their better absorption. For example, carrot juice contains provitamin A, so that beta-carotene is present, it is necessary to add fat.

6. To lose weight with the help of vegetable juices is a myth, because they do not give a long saturation, which means that after a few days of such a diet it is necessary to break.

7. And finally, always approach all recommendations wisely. For example, some time ago there was a bromelain boom. It was believed that bromelain, which is contained in pineapples, contributes to weight loss. Experts have calculated that in order to burn 1 g of fat you need 50 pineapples.


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