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10 things that will help update the interior to the spring

To transform the living space and create a sense of happiness and coziness, you do not need to break down the partitions and repaint the walls. Renovate the interior, according toWestwing interior design shopping club, help new textiles, accessories and light.


Start creating a mood with the main room in the house - the living room. A new cover on the sofa in shades popular this season will help breathe life into the interior. Clean, serene and yet gentle shades of sky-blue color palette, peach and turquoise colors will help to relax.



Dense curtains and heavy drapes simply need to be replaced by airy tulle and light curtains made of fabric. For the sunny side of the ideal color solutions in cold colors. The feeling of warmth and spring joy to the windows facing the north side will bring orange or yellow textiles, which will also help create a cozy and truly homely atmosphere.



Perhaps the easiest, but effective way to transform any interior. Bold color combinations, bright colors, a fascinating ornament or a delicate floral print will help create a spring mood and allow the familiar space to play in a new way.



Delicate floral motifs on white plates will help to awaken your appetite and make your culinary masterpieces special. Even simple dishes, the taste of which is customary, in a delicate frame of greenery and flowers will look festive and solemn, and the first vegetables and lettuce leaves will be juicy and appetizing.



An elegant floor vase, decorated in spring colors, can become the main bright accent in the interior. Especially if it is used for its intended purpose, as often as possible, pleasing the eye with stunning spring flowers.



An airy open structure or massive closed shelves will help transform living space. In addition, this element of furniture has functionality. Bright accessories, souvenirs brought from vacation and family photos in an elegant frame can be carefully and effectively arranged even on compact narrow glass shelves.



Fleecy flooring, which gave the desired warmth and comfort in cold winter evenings, to create a springy mood should be changed to a compact wicker bedside rug in pastel colors.



The appropriate seasons of the year will help to revitalize the walls of the house and create a homely atmosphere. A fascinating landscape or spectacular macro photography can be created by you personally or by one of the most famous contemporary photographers.



Set the dynamic rhythm of the bedroom interior will help bedding in spring colors.



Graceful, elegant and bright accents in the form of boxes with floral paintings will remind you of the calendar spring whenever you want to decorate your image with your favorite accessories in the form of a brooch, earrings or pendant.


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